Tell me something I don’t know

Tell me something I don’t know. We all need hope and a dream to live by. Let me know how you are contributing to your family, your community. what’s happening in the world away from this center of commerce?

what are you doing to move forward, to advance, to help yourself and your neighbors survive? Are you forming food co-ops? Developing Art? How are people uniting in clusters away from the general economy and surviving? What is giving you meaning?

It’s the little picture, but it’s no less important. Conducting our selves with dignity every day shows great courage. It is no small feat to survive in tough times. Lessons must be learned and shared. Maybe you can be a role model for others. Unite, we all can learn from each other. If we are truly believers in God then each of us is sacred and each of us has a sacred duty to preserve ourselves and our planet. It is our duty and our right.

We share a common destiny, we should share our thoughts for survival and living as well.
Good night and all the best…..

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