When will the people speak?

I’m mad as hell and I sure don’t want to take it anymore.. It’s no comfort to me that Congressmen and women are so well off that they can take 5 weeks vacation, fact finding; they know what the people think. And if the people have not made their displeasure known, shame on us. How many poor and middle class folks can take off for 5 weeks vacation? Are “the people” enjoying themselves? How much crisis do we endure before we’ve had enough? What happened to being pro-active?

Small business is being crushed in this country. We are the silent majority, sitting and hoping for change when we know that it’s never going to happen. Hope without action produces nothing. Without raising our voices, without firing a shot, we have been suppressed by the minority. We are using weapons to kill our own people, that’s insane. Our anger is directed upon each other not on those who are perpetuating our problems. How is this happening?

What am I proposing? If I want a different outcome I have to offer hope for a better future. Something concrete for folks to follow, yet I am equally impotent, afraid to propose a million person march. Afraid to suggest that we storm the capital or shut down the stock exchange. I prefer sabotage to certain death. I prefer controlling the energy grid, the markets and the flow of money , holding the systems hostage rather then people. When Suxnet worked, I applauded. That was a far better way to achieve goals. Use the technology to advantage and don’t let up until and unless the system is dismantled and changed. it could take some years, but I’d rather suffer for a definite period of time then wonder how much suffering must be endured with an uncertain future.

There’s plenty of money in corporate coffers and private hands to fund a full and total recovery. While Fraud has been uncovered on the Corporate level, no one person has been held responsible. How has this occurred? Corporations, Banks, Pharmaceutical companies don’t make decisions, people make decisions. So why isn’t a person or persons’ being held accountable? Why is money being collected for fraudulent acts when the perpetrators of these acts go free? It’s like my mother always said, “if you’re going to steal, steal big and you won’t get caught” . Except for capital crimes, how many of those in jails have stolen money from our society or caused the financial harm commensurate with those on wall street? The jails are filled with minor felonies, the truly dangerous folks, in handmade suits, smooth talking elegant folks, are running amok all over the globe and destroying everyone’s way of life? I’m not afraid of those men or women, I’ve seen them in every industry, they are deadly, like Cobras, but they are not that smart. They are people, they are vulnerable, too. They are people like you and me. They will bleed if hurt and they will weep if exposed and shamed. They are vulnerable. So what is stopping us from proclaiming our wrath? What is stopping us from reclaiming our freedoms? What do we fear?

After speaking to “regular” ordinary people, maybe the change we are seeking is already here! All over America art is returning to cities. people are creating again. People are thinking about going back to the land. Back to small farms, retreating from the technology and the gloss of new things. People are no longer able to afford Corporate products and they’re starting to not care if they do without. People are not so dumb, they know when they are being ripped off and they are able to say enough! So, maybe there is hope for our society, in small pockets, all over this country people are saying enough. The society will implode because no one will support it anymore. Eventually, we will have to have a real dialog all over this country about what is important to us as a united community, as a United States. I am hopeful that this dialog will occur because I have faith in our society and our people. We are all mad as hell, we do know that it’s not the 2 Party System to blame, people caused our problems and people will get us out of this catastrophe, it will take time!

I am there to raise my voice for the people. I am proud to be one of you and I care about our future. How many will stand in solidarity with us?

2 thoughts on “When will the people speak?

  1. I don’t think it’s a matter of when will the people speak as much as it is how will the people speak. I believe that your reference to J. Sach’s commentary involving the necessity of a “spirited” third party movement is relevant. I don’t like to think that such a large portion of our legislators and judicial system have been comprimised as to allow perpetrators to be unaccountable and corrective measures to be thwarted yet it seems to be so. Clearly, the will of the majority is without an effective leader. It seems that there is a strong movement polarizing RICH vs Poor but I don’t believe that all of the rich folks are to blame. In this great country of ours surely there must be some wealthy people who may be fair minded enough to try and use their influence to effect some change which will preserve the real power base. That is, of the people, by the people and for the people, not MONEY. People are the intended source of our power and if we the people fail, all the money will matter not.

    1. Thank you for your response. I don’t think the divide is strictly rich against poor, it is a divide that has been perpetuated by both Parties to keep the middle and lower classes impoverished , trying to put food on their tables, has been their primary concern. Though they understand that they are being ripped off and not being represented, I don’t think they know how to have their voices heard.

      I’m not against the wealthy, I am against Citizens United, which has made becoming elected equivalent to the sport of king’s. We are making Kings and the spoils will accrue to who ever wins. Cynical, perhaps, but then why is so much money being spent on both sides of the aisle, while the people who need the money most are denied programs that will ensure employment? I also ask the obvious question, why are we failing to stabilize our monetary/financial systems, when we know another Black Swan event could occur, because the financial markets have never been repaired?

      I have no quarrel with wealth, But I am revolted by self centered behavior that accepts no responsibility for it’s participation in Society’s problems.

      Once again, thanks for commenting. Happy to continue our dialog. All the best. Joyce

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