Crony capitalism, loss of power for the “People”

1. The EPA is partially controlled by The White House, according to sources interviewed at the EPA, NY Times 8/23/12. Ties to Excelon by the President, David Axelrod and former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel have aided Excelon in gutting directives sponsored by the the EPA. “Since the Fukushima accident, Excelon, has minimized how much it must spend on safety concerns at it’s plants; Including, it’s 8 GE boiling water reactors , the same models as the Fukushima Reactor.

2. LOL we are anointing Kings. The Super PAC enables any and all with money to play. They ‘ re playing for high stakes, influence at the Top. Review the list of Fortune 500, who ever has the ear of those in power gets to make and keep the most revenue. No matter that good laws and regulations that protect people are gutted, it’s all about the money. Sure some jobs may be created, but at our expense.

It seems the Teacher’s Union and Infra structure jobs are just not high up on the profit pyramid. What else explains the lack of interest in tackling these projects?

3. Remember the proposed SEC law to safeguard money market funds, it’ s been stalled as 3 out of 5 commissioners opposed Mary Schapiro’s plan. (2 republicans and 1 democrat). It takes a village!

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