Pity the Bankers, they need a Super PAC?….& more

1. Heard on Bloomberg News at 6PM. American Bankers Association voting tomorrow to form a group to fund their own Super PAC. This is Reason enough to REPEAL Citizens United? Who’s freedom of speech is being protected now? The Banker’s intent is their self interest. The People, who speaks for us?

2. Then , Listening to the Nightly Business News, the topic of the day is: “are you better off now, then you were 4 yrs ago”? As a small business person, the answer is a resounding NO! The jobs that were plentiful 4 yrs ago do not exist for a small subcontractor or small developer . General Contractors supplying an endless stream of day laborers are gobbling up the NYC jobs. As a small business person we are not even invited to compete. So my company has shrunk from $2.6 million and 25 employees to less then a Million Dollars and a few skilled workers. We’re not better off.

3. I listened to Bill Clinton speak this evening; I was better off under his administration, just like 19 million others. That was before. Now he’s telling us that 3 million jobs are available but we don’t have the “talent” to fill these jobs. What jobs? Why aren’t they posted in every town and newspaper in the Nation? What degrees are required? I need specifics. I want to believe we can be better off sooner rather then later. Give us a ” real road map” toward recovery. Remember the WPA? The Works Progress Administration during the New Deal, 8 million jobs were created using unskilled labor to build infrastructure, buildings, parks. This program also supported the Arts. No more excuses, do something and stop talking about it.

4. LOL While Congress is out on recess and both Parties are basking in the conventions love fest, nobody in power is moving forward on creating jobs. Look to your left look to your right, where’s more then rhetoric for jobs?

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