Why we need a 3rd Party, restating the problems of our society

1. Bill Moyers 9/9/12: Bernie Sanders ” The Speech”. 2 Democratic Party’s ( The Washington Club vs the rest of the people). Since Mr Sanders, is more closely aligned with the Democratic Party, he is critiquing that Party, but it doesn’t mean the GOP is not equally to blame. With so much money pouring into the coffers of elected officials, we have created an oligarchy. The long term solution is public funding of elections, while short term, repeal Citizens United. Solution 3 , Kick start Town Meetings and get people involved in the elections and issues.

2. Further into the program, they are restating the obvious, The Big Banks Have Become Bigger, they control our GDP and they control the Senate. So , Bernie is advocating a grass roots Political Revolution. How do we use social media to band together to form a 3 rd Party before further ruin of the middle class occurs, This shouldn’t be just rhetoric, do you want a viable alternative to the Clubs?

3. The Financial Times 9/11/12 Barclays leading the way, intend to cut back on their tax unit in an ethics push. Though legal, their methods of helping their clients avoid taxes is no longer politically acceptable. They’re bending to public opinion and will signal further withdrawal from unpopular products to consumers. Takes “guts” to live outside your comfort zone, maybe change is in the wind?

4. LOL /FT 9/12/12. Frank Vogl: Technology can help us win the long war against corruption.”The more then $2Billion that will be spent in total by both political parties in this years political elections has a nasty smell to it.”. who can believe that those who are pouring millions into the campaign are not expecting major benefits in return? Shine the light, continue to use social media for the public’s advantage.

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