Values, Common Sense : Think about the good times

1. When I read the NYTimes this morning, I encountered another article on New England Compounding that made me despair. Ex workers cite concerns at Drug Firm…. Making and dispensing drugs was never meant to be only about quotas and money. I know, in 1979 I worked for Pfizer, we were proud of our facility. Our workers took pride in maintaining clean standards. We once manufactured a contaminated batch of Streptomycin . We shut down the production line. Resolved the problem. Called the FDA and then started the laborious process of cleaning and re-starting a ” clean room” type facility. I don’t remember thinking only about quotas. We were a people company and proud of it.

2. NYTimes Which house is worth more? Since the bursting of the housing bubble, Banks have been more conservative in their appraisals as well as less accurate. There are many instances where Appraiser’s have simply missed the ” comps” and handed in an appraisal lower then the asking price creating a nightmare for the seller. This is true in the resale market and occurs with developers as well. If we’re ever to return to ” normal” and predictable times, we need a return to genuine standards and common sense?

3. NYTimes Big questions from a Bailout eyewitness: Sheilia Bair Former chairman of the FDIC has written “Bull by the Horns”. ” She wonders why those who were responsible for the crash of 2008, never paid for it’s devastation? Instead, tax payers and many small banks who pay into the FDIC fund to insure banks were those most likely to be assigned responsibility for the bail out costs. Needless to say, these people never had a seat at the rescue table?” She concludes with 13 actions that would make financial institutions stronger while lifting the bail out burden off of the middle class and small businesses.

4. LOL. So you’ve purchased your candidate. If it’s Obama , let’s hope he doesn’t give Treasury, to Mr. Fink the CEO of BlackRock , an equity hedge fund. If it’s Mitt Romney, let’s hope Hubbard the Dean of the Columbia School of Business is not running the show. He likes austerity for everyone, while he personally rakes in $1200/hour. Still hoping for that White Knight!?……Betting on ” the people”.

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  1. I heard a couple of guys talking about this in the New York subway so I looked it up online and found your page. Thanks. I thought I was right and you confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this. I’d love to save this and share with my friends.

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