Other’s are improving their cultures/ They ‘re serious about reform!

1. Bold moves by South Africa, they intend to spend 100 Billion on infrastructure. On Wednesday, Mr. Zuma met with business leaders and called upon them to make personal sacrifices by voluntarily forgoing raises and bonuses for a year, as a strong signal of a commitment to build an equitable economy. Quoted from the NY Times 10/20/12 .

2. Housecleaning then dinner? Silicon Valley perks come home NY Times 10/20/12. Now that technology has allowed work to bleed into home life, it seems that companies are trying to address the impact of work on home life. They’re wise, they hope to minimize distractions and sources of tension at home thus increasing focus and creativity at work!

3.More on Politicians who understand the challenges of governing. Not all politicians are acting irresponsibly. The Economist 10/6/12. Mexico seems close to a big labour market over haul. Brazil has a combined a vigorous stimulus with steps towards trimming it’s growth throttling pay roll taxes. But in the world’s big three economies , politicians are either dithering or doing damage. Central Bankers alone can not save the world’s economy. It’s time for politicians to pitch in.

4. LOL When even zoologists contemplate the structure of our financial systems it’s time to reflect on what have we wrought! The FT 10/2012. In finance too, complex ecosystems can be vulnerable. Looking at the US financial crises past and present, one notices that Glass Steagall was the most important regulatory reaction to the great depression running 37 pages. Fast forward to the financial meltdown of 2007, Dodd Frank was produced numbering 848 pages and 10 times that in implementing rules. The moral – more is less – remains. Time to get back to work?

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