The plutocrats /analysis of the culture

1. Bill Moyers 10/21/12. discusses: The Billionaire class with Matt Taibbi Of The Rolling Stones and. Chrystine Freeland who wrote The Pltutocrats. According to them:

Neither party represents the poor or the middle class from Bill Clinton onward. One asks, Why is every one passive.? Demoralized? The entire intellectual class has been captured by the notion that Plutocracy was bound to happen and welcomed. The Poor deserve to suffer, somehow it’s their fault that they are poor. To complicate this notion, those who dismiss the poor, believe they are “the good people.”

Everyone thinks they are the good guys. Someone else has evil motives. This sincere self justification is dangerous because you can rationalize anything , no matter how egregious. We are going toward a society where there is a disconnect between the very wealthy and the rest of us. They do feel entitled. So much power is isolating.. Obama is not very different from the rest of the Plutocrats, he is closer to Romney then he is to the rest us.

It’s been stated that, No one is rebelling because no one is offering a new compelling narrative. Neither party is offering up a manifesto and that’s what’ missing. New ideas….

The last item to be discussed by Bill Moyers, was coercion of employees by employers; who state, if you want the good life you will vote for whoever I say. Moyers cited mostly Republicans responsible for this rhetoric. However, though the Gilded age is back, it includes both Republicans and Democrats. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THIS COERISION, IT HAPPENED BEFORE. (1907?)

Since, Money has corrupted every institution we have. Would you seriously consider getting money out of politics?

If you think times are bad now, we haven’t seen the ultimate in bad times , yet. This era won’t go away unless we all care about our families first and our community. I do wish everyone would sit and think and consider what has happened and say NO MORE, WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! Please for the love of our families, for the love of our Country, for our responsibility to each other, won’t you think and consider alternatives?

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