Questions about our Systems & How we conduct business? Our lives

1. This column is meant not as a criticism, but as an aid to address problems in the future. I am unable to go to work on Long Island because I can’t depend on getting gas for my car. Two weeks after Sandy, long lines are occurring at gas stations all over the City. Evidently, our de- centralized distribution system requires coordination in emergencies. I don’t know the complexities involved, I just know it should be getting attention. People who need to go back to work can’t because of the lack of gas? Happy to help,I understand systems and procedures or why not tap returning military having expertise in Logistics?

2. Warren Buffett used to say, along with making a good investment, the preservation of Capital was really important. To those of us still believing in fiscal soundness, it’s a great lesson. I have decried the emergence of the Super Pacs, because I saw them hijacking our Democracy. Who’ s to say how the election would have turned out without them? But, With their shrill harshness, the American people were turned off and perhaps, once again they went for the Underdog?

3. The NY Times 11/8/12. Obama’s challenges? We all know there are ideological differences in Washington, but the issues matter and differences should be put aside. However, to compound these problems, the Times suggests that shill reporting will contribute and magnify the problems. Hogwash, counter the critiquing by establishing counter news reporting on progress made / let’ s think positive. Personally, when the news becomes too shrill, I listen to Classical Music and read. Maybe we want a less shrill press, too!

4. LOL Heard lot’s of negatives today, but most could be resolved by better planning and more giving. However; On a positive note, check out the small Bard Museum at 18 west 86th street in NYC. There’s a very informative and enjoyable exhibit on the origin of the Circus, it arrived in the states in 1793. Posters, photographs, and toys, too. Curiously it was noted by NY Arts, this Thursday evening! Have a great day!

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