Public Advocacy: what’s new in congress and the state of American Manufacturing

1. Bill Moyers / (Citizens United. ) Interviewed Trevor Potter on the influence of. the SUPER PACS. Be forewarned, the American people will continue to suffer if we don’t change the laws. If you want full time representation in government, we need full time Public officials. On 11/12/12 Colbert clarified, with Potter, that he could in fact keep the money from his Super PAC . Under the rules, you can hide the money and use it for yourself or any one else. There is no transparency, no tax on the money, if you’ve got a ” GOOD LAWYER”. Nominate competent people TO THE FEDERAL ELECTION BOARD, please.

2. NY Times. To paraphrase the Sunday Times oped, We nominated a competent person to the Senate in Massachusetts. it would be outrageous to keep ELIZABETH WARREN off the BANKING COMMISSION. The TIMES. is concerned that several Republican Senators are lining up to block her nomination. She’s already proven her qualifications. And her help in maintaining and providing a working Dodd Frank bill is invaluable. Nobody understands the Volker Rule better! She could tackle the shadow banking system for the PUBLIC’S BENEFIT. FINALLY, A TRUE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE TO DO THE PEOPLE’s BUSINESS.

3. Catch 22. I read in the Times; Hi Tech manufacturing is looking for skilled workers, but they’ re only paying $10.00/hour. When I worked at Ford in the 70’s , the average worker earned $40.00/ hour plus benefits. Now, Those who can work as skilled workers would rather work at McDonald’s for a min of $14.00/ hour. The educated labor shortage? They’re choosing between available skilled work at lower pay or choosing McDonalds? If manufacturing is serious about workers and production, start training high school juniors, at least you’ll have 2 years of inexpensive labor before raising rates. DON’T forget, workers who make less can’t spend.

4. LOL. I was in the Berkshires yesterday and walked into one of my favorite dress shops in Lenox. All of my American “art wear ” came from this shop; Staley Gretzinger, A knitwear company from the Hudson Valley, Max Mara and now from China. Besides Eileen Fisher, who manufactures in NY , I’ m no longer aware of many American Manufacturers of clothing, design, etc. The major Universities have Lab Incubators, anyone want to join with me to create products for the” new American” market in America?

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