1. “WE DAY “. FOUNDED BY Craig and Marc Kielburger OF TORONTO, CANADA. 1995/ kids helping kids. 91 schools have been built worldwide. The kids are involved in building classrooms in Kenya and in developed countries, the organization runs educational campaigns aimed at empowering children to become social activists, through the FREE THE CHILDREN FOUNDATION . The Kenyans got a new class room but the American kids learned valuable lessons about poverty and other cultures. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT IS QUICKLY BECOMING THE NEW NORM! ( Attributed to 60 minutes.)

2. Attended a conference on Climate Change @ NYU LAW 11/28/12. INFORMATIVE , FACTUAL AND NON THREATENING. BUT THE MESSAGE WAS CLEAR: WE CAN’t WAIT 30 YEARS TO CONNECT THE DOTS, THE SEA IS RISING AND THE EARTH IS GETTING WARMER. There are grave social consequences to this: Thousands of people will be displaced. Others will perish from extremes of heat and cold. Droughts will make water scarce. Toxins and dust will continue to be released into the waterways and air. There will be a breakdown of social order. THIS IS ALL HAPPENING NOW. The analogies between the effects of Katrina and Sandy are chilling. Did you know that Charity Hospital in New Orleans and the prestigious Galveston Medical center, in Texas , never Reopened? Time to acknowledge and rebuild cognizant of NATURE. ( an example of thinking to be prepared: NY TIMES 11/30/12 Waste flows after storm exposes costly defects in Sewage System). Being pro – active is a necessity for survival, you think?

3. WAY TO GO? NY TIMES 12/1/12 Solar industry borrows a page , and a Party, from Tupperware, getting satisfied customers to host parties in their homes, for a referral fee, to promote solar power to their neighbors. ( Sun Wize Technologies, Solar City, in Arizona. ). Though they are increasing the use of Solar Power , there is no mention of the savings. We’d be interested!

4. LOL. SO MUCH TO BE DONE, LET YOUR MIND WANDER, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DOWNTURN IN OUR ECONOMY AND THINK ! For some of us, with wondering minds, ” boredom” has been a Godsend, a release of creativity. Don’t despair, give in to the freedom to think and create. HEY YOU NEVER KNOW, We may be producing the next Einstein! See NY Times 12/1/12 It’s not bad to be Bored?

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