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I hadn’t travelled in years and the Countries that I’ve visited lately, have become Americanized. In Paris, the cab drivers asked us if we liked McDonalds as much as they do? So the next time you want to hate French Fries, think McDonalds.

2. Foxconn held a major meeting with APPLE executives, with wide ranging positive effects for workers to be implemented during the year. NY TIMES 12/27/12 SIGNS OF CHANGES TAKING HOLD IN ELECTRONICS FACTORIES IN CHINA . Apple has tripled it’s corporate responsibility staff and has reached out to the advocacy groups it once rebuffed. To read the full article, read THE I ECONOMY; the road to reform. Meanwhile, cushioned chairs, significant wage increases and curtailed working hours are signs of reform.

3. ON LONGEST BULLET TRAIN RIDE CHINESE RIDE 1,200 MILES IN 8 HOURS. , NY TIMES BUSINESS 12/27/12. On one of the world’s largest and most ambitious infrastructure projects, a network of 4 north south and 4 east west routes will span the Country. Lavish spending on the project has helped jump start their economy twice. The hiring of 10,000 workers on each line has kept a lid on unemployment. IT HAS ALSO REDUCED AIR POLLUTION ! Win?

4. A Personal Passion, Art: The NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE ARTS, NY ARTS by Paula Zahn, a look back at Will Barnet who passed away at 101 yrs. Born 1911. He moved to NY and worked at the Art Students League with Jackson Pollack. Nobody was making a living from 1930 till 1950, then Roosevelt created the WPA. Artists all over America were given large public works projects and the day of the Public Mural dawned. Perhaps major Corporations should adopt an Artist today? Civilization survives by the quality of its ART.

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