1. NY TIMES 12/26/12 Legal curbs said to hamper ATF in gun inquiries: sales registry barred; no permanent director of the bureau? NO ENFORCEMENT & NO REGULATION IS THE ACCEPTABLE FORM OF GOVERNMENT FOR THE NRA & CONGRESS. Under current law, the bureau is prohibited from creating a NATIONAL GUN REGISTRY? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, THE AGENCY WORKS MANUALLY TO TRACK DOWN GUNS USED IN VIOLENT CRIME? No data base exists because that, too, violates 2nd Amendment Rights? Huh! If a well armed militia exists in my city, I’d like to know their identity ? Wouldn’t you? These narrow, restrictive interpretations of The Constitution benefit the few over the many!

2. Israel Is now considering allowing reform women to pray at any portion of the Western Wall they choose. A proposal is on the table to let all enter the Historic Monument for several hours each day, where they choose. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AN ENORMOUS GIFT FOR ME LAST YEAR. Faced with the two entrance solution, my grandson refused to leave me, so we visited the Via Dolorosa instead. ” THE TABLE THAT RUNS THE WESTERN WALL SHOULD HAVE A SEAT FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS AN INTEREST IN THE WALL SITTING AROUND IT.” Advocacy progress at work. Amen.

3. At the ” eleventh hour” no more FISCAL CLIFF, it’s now being called a Horizon or window of opportunity. THERE ARE 2 IMMEDIATE CONCERNS; 2% payroll tax increase and unemployment checks to 2 million may stop, but these can be reversed. So tinker on and get us to fiscal responsibility. Stop playing with our monetary system and our institutions, be constructive or be replaced? A new Congress is formed in January!

4. LOL. HUFFINGTON POST FRANK LUNTZ, GOP POLLSTER: The NRA isn’t listening with it’s proposal for armed guards at schools…AMONG NRA MEMBERS, 74% SAID THEY SUPPORT BACKGROUND CHECKS AS A REQUIREMENT FOR CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS. More recent polls suggest that the broader AMERICAN populace supports that and other gun control measures. So why is Congress unwilling to pass laws in the Public’s interest?

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