PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s. new? Let’s understand the system

1. NY TIMES 1/16/13 Record taxpayer cost is seen for Crop Insurance? The worst drought in 50 years ( some of it man assisted) could leave taxpayers with $16 Billion crop insurance costs due to poor yields. Worse, these subsidies could cost the American taxpayer more then $94 Billion in 10 years. Is this how we want to spend our tax dollars? To be fair and balanced, when do small businesses qualify for tax payer dollars and insurance guaranteed by the US GOVERNMENT to protect us from failure and bankruptcy? It’s our choice?

2. NY TIMES 1/18/13 MASSACRE. SWAYS PUBLIC IN WAY OTHERS DID NOT: When 1100 adults were polled nationally the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the following: A nationwide Ban on semi- automatic weapons. A ban on the sale of high capacity magazines. A national Database of all gun sales. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. It’s up to the legislature to propose and enforce laws. It will certainly make the understaffed ATF’s job easier. It’s our choice?

3. The recovery is underway. Listen to the news. But if you dig deeply, the housing recovery belongs to the victors , those investors who got the benefit of short sales and foreclosures. The Bank Settlements, agreed upon by the SEC , gives little money back to the unwitting victims of Bank Fraud. But we’re moving on? Job recovery, may be happening, but there is still a substantial number remaining unemployed. We have choices. According to Professor Joseph Stiglitz , we should be investing in education and acquiring revenue from a progressive tax structure and by taxing financial speculators. WE HAVE CHOICES?

4. LOL Financial Times 1/19/13. Rather then implementing an amendment to overturn CITIZENS UNITED , the politicians are adapting to the SUPER PAC. President Barack Obama is proposing his own PAC, Organizing for Action. “It will work to turn our shared values into legislative action, and it will empower the next generation of leaders in our movement.” We have choices? Will Jon Huntsman’s. No Labels, problem solvers organization have the same point of view? What are our choices?

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