PUBLIC ADVOCACY: FROM ISRAEL ; Many perspectives, People Ascendant

1. Day 1 , 1/21/13 , SWFS MISSION TO ISRAEL. Prof Uzi Rabi. From the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Cites his book; the 5 ways to analyze the Middle East. To paraphrase, we Need to develop a new set of Insights. He stated, that in order to understand the culture you need to know the language ( Arabic), too.

The first Theme in understanding the Middle East involves The Arab Spring. THE Barrier of fear collapsed. The dictators of the police states collapsed. The people became part of the narrative, there is no longer a one man show! The square has now become the focus of the people’s protests. During this period it is expected that the Nation’s will deal with instability. Therefore, in the coming years , other State’s will experience THIS ARAB SPRING. Patience is required.

The next theme to be developed is “The transition from PLUTOCRACY”, Similar to 1848. The people protested in the square and didn’t leave it till there was change; change occurs. Is it always Democracy. There are choices?

In The next phase of understanding The Arab Spring, one has to understand the failed State. A no man’s land, like Mali, is an example. Are we stating that the failed states, have now become divided states that become a hub for Al Queda? Or are these states, which were originally formed by Europeans , should never have been drawn together in the first place? There are choices. All these changes are inherent in a Society when change occurs. It seems that the failed states may also be experiencing their form of the Arab Spring?

2. The resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict, it is proposed, is a two state solution . It is The only way for Israel to exist as a Democracy. They need bold and creative leadership; they need a dance partner, some body to help with empathy and compassion for all sides.

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