I wont’t lie. I will not be content till real monetary reform takes place in this country. Justice is Overdo. There will be no equality in the marketplace till the market corrects and laws are Re-instated to protect the consumer and the investors.

No one rating firm should be singled out, nor should only one Bank. The Banks are guilty of money laundering, fixing LIBOR, trading in valueless paper called mortgage backed securities and risk taking for profit without regard for the consequences to ” their clients” , the taxpayers of these United States. Where is justice?

The same system of justice should be levied on the rating agencies. All of them: Moody’s , Fitch and S&P. there is enough culpability to make the case against them all. It is our choice to see justice and laws of conduct and procedures implemented.

Once laws are in place to protect the system and the investor, it would be appropriate to get rid of the grants and winner take all contracts. With so much money available for Sandy Relief, as a citizen I want fair bidding on projects and total accountability on monies spent for redevelopment. There is much to do. We have choices.

Thanks for listening. These are a few thoughts on a normal working day. We can make a difference. There are choices.

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