PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The financial Times

1.Tax increases planned 2/7/13 Barack Obama, Proposes tax increases on oil and gas groups and hedge fund executives as a short term fix to avoid $1.2 Trillion in automatic spending cuts. The business community and other Lobbyists are ” up in arms”, fighting to preserve their turf. The reforms, part of an overall tax reform package, is the appropriate first step. We’re given a choice.

2. the mystery of the disappearing Arctic sea ice. IT WAS PREDICTED THAT THIS SCENARIO WOULD NOT TAKE PLACE TILL THE END OF THE 21st Century. But watching the ” ice calve” shows the possibility of the ice melting faster. The disappearance of the sea ice is now predicted in 30-40 years. Clearly, while we have spent years convincing folks that climate change occurs, we have forgotten the battle to stop or mitigate that change. We have choices, but only one planet.

3. A fine for the Royal Bank of Scotland will not fix LIBOR . Since collusion is rampant and the desire to maximize profits exists, there is a race between Banks to set the lowest rate for others to use. The Policies evolved to accommodate the rise in derivatives and ensures their profitability. To prevent this self serving policy, at the expense of the consumer, it is proposed that public intervention occurs to set the rates, either thru the Central Bank or otherwise. More public oversight. We have a choice.

4. Credit Rating agencies must beware of the Law. ” Free speech is not a defense for FRAUD… Nor should it be a defense , if agencies lower their standards and risk models to gain revenues. Investors can only expect so much from ratings but they have the right to demand integrity. The rater should beware.”

3 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The financial Times

  1. NYC schools are a mess. There is no cultural education anymore, class sizes are getting larger. The wealthy have a solution. Private School.
    The poor and middle income folks have no solution.
    The solution is to make the property tax paid in NYC realistic. We don’t want to hurt the low end, so lets look at increasing by a small amount the % of tax on properties over 1.5 million dollars, excluding lower income properties. Why is a 29 Million dollar apartment showing a market value of 3.5 million and being assessed at 2 million. This is a scam for the wealthy to get over on the poor.

    Nationally, why are the rich again exempt from paying payroll tax on all their pay? Oh, another scam. Many don’t pay any payroll tax at all, since they are dividends, or capital gains. How unfair.

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