1. More thoughts from my recent trip to Israel. What did I learn?

CISCO, INTEL AND MICROSOFT WILL HAVE OR HAVE A PRESENCE IN THE WEST BANK/ KFC IS THERE ALONG WITH 1 store named ” BLOOMINGDALES”. I couldn’t get to my iPad fast enough to get a photo out the Palestinian driven bus window, but it does exist in Ramallah.

Next when we stopped In Ramallah, we were greeted by THE PLO , represented by Nour Musa Odeh, educated Golden Gate University, 1999, San Francisco, California, who BELIEVES THE SOLUTION FOR GAZA IS SEPARATE FROM THE SOLUTION FOR THE WEST BANK. He said, as I noted and wrote, “The PLO are now prepared to accept the 1967 borders in the West Bank and agree to the acceptance of at least 72% of the territory of Israel. Their latest attempt to obtain ” legitimate” status through the UN is a method to push Israel to the bargaining table. The PLO does not talk peace, but hope!” To be noted: 80% of all goods required by West Bank business comes from Israel/ thru an Investment Fund. ( details not included).

The Palestine Liberation Organization, provided our group with ” booklets” stating their case. Some of the ” facts ” presented were compiled by the US based organization, PEACE NOW. It is interesting to note, that the PLO BOOKLET, reflecting Palestinian attitudes, is a mirror image of the attitudes expressed by the Israeli’s in the areas surrounding GAZA. ( I can’t state the position in Jerusalem, because it wasn’t heard. ) However , the recent Israeli elections speak to the issues confronting Israeli’s; the people want to pursue the ” good life”. They want to escape ” the bunker” mentality and live ” normal lives, too.”

There is a wide spread belief that, Peace will come to the region, when America stops supporting the old regimes and starts supporting the people’s representative; when they are announced and accepted over time. The “Arab Spring” is a process.

We visited the proposed new West Bank Town, called Rawabi, funds coming from Quatar and developed by Massar International ( Massar has successfully built 13, 000 housing units in Morrocco) .

A renown Media Board and Shimon Perez accept the formation of this new Palestinian West Bank town called Rawabi. The vision should have an enormous influence on the West Bank, providing 5000 permanent jobs minimum. This is envisioned as a self contained city, with amphitheater , shops , schools, hospital and housing for at least 25,000. Is it enough to jump start peace talks? We have a choice.

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