1. NY TIMES 3/5/13 REPORT BLAMES CLIMATE CHANGES FOR EXTREMES IN AUSTRALIA; though climate scientists have hesitated to connect extreme weather to climate changes, they are now connecting the two. THE CLIMATE COMMISSION has ordered a report, titled ” The Angry Summer”, arguing that the frequency and ferocity of recent extreme weather events indicate an acceleration that is unlikely to abate unless serious steps are taken to prevent further changes to the planet’s environment. We have a choice.

2. THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE XL/ 3/5/13 NY TIMES is discussed in length since the President appears to be leaning towards it’s approval against the objections of environmental advocates. Additionally, a State Department impact study concludes that extracting, shipping and refining the Canadian oil would result in increased greenhouse gas emissions greater then other types of oil. We have a choice.

3.FINANCIAL TIMESB1/28/13 Shale boom fires environment fears as US gas flaring is visible from space. The awesome image of the United States at night is clearly visible by satellite as North Dakota’s Bakken field lights glow comparable to the size of Chicago and Minneapolis St Paul. Flaring occurs because it is the cheapest way to release gasses. THE US RANKS 5 th in the world behind Russia, Nigeria, Iran & Iraq. RECENTLY, investors and environmentalists have become alarmed, because the flaring has consequences for greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and disturbances to communities. Investment lawsuits are having an impact on flaring reduction. We have choices.

4. LOL As we debate CLIMATE CHANGE, our world is indeed changing. How are we to pursue a healthy MEDITERRANEAN DIET, if some of the necessary ingredients, like Seafood and Mussel’s no longer exist? Byassal threads , the strong , stretchy filaments that anchor mussels to hard surfaces and to one another, are more likely to snap in warmer waters. Thus climate change may have major consequences for the food chain and commercial fisherman. NY TIMES 2/26/13. We have a choice.

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