PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Design, Art, Culture/ some of my favorite things

1. Valentines’ Day, The NY Times,the last section of Thursday’s styles offers vintage posters at affordable prices. All posters are for sale with a certificate of authenticity. AT $ 150.00 / each, buy art , live well and enjoy the color!

2. Every one is doing it. Offering art and Technology; looking for local talent, the Museum of Modern ART, spotted a Red Bike, by Brooklyn Cruiser outside their design studios in SOHO. The BIKE IN THE red color, is available in a limited edition of 15 , for $580.00 thru the MOMA STORE. ENJOY! A wooden crate is available for carrying packages @ $80.00 extra. Pleasantly retro.

3. 3D Printing, Just an advertisement, in today’s Financial Times, conjures images of stuff, designed as prototypes which look like the ” original” products. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES? Take your printer with you to the job site, need a part, place the resin in the container and make the part. Or take an image, send it to the printer and you’ve got the part, layer by layer, the designs and products are only limited by your imagination. No need for full scale models or the middle man; more freedom to spend time creating!

4. Heard on the News/one building, dating back to the 1880’s at the Pratt school of Architecture was torched today. Who knows why? I just felt saddened, I can’t imagine destroying a bastion of culture and defender of cultural rights. When my daughter graduated (1988), Pratt was an activist school, deeply concerned about preserving their freedom in the face of a slashed budget by the Endowment for the Arts, censorship at any level was not tolerated.

5. Save the Starving Artist, an Acorn Publication undertaken by Marylin Barr, herself an artist in Greenboro, S.C. is an example of how we can promote our artists through empowerment. I’ve enclosed several photos from the book and would urge, any reader who is able , to ” save a starving artist” . Being a patron at any level, ensures the continuation of our civilization. Think and buy beauty if you can and be enriched for years. We have many choices.

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