PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Climate Effects plus more notes on Finance

1. NY TIMES 3/14/13 Monarch migration plunges to lowest level in decades: Interesting with the advent more farming, more corn production, logging the milkweed plants and other plants, known to produce food for Monarch butterflies has been decimated . Starting in the northern hemisphere reaching into Mexico approximately 150 million acres have been lost . NATURALISTS regard the butterflies. As an indicator of the health of the food chain and they are concerned. With the loss of insects, predators will remain. What happens to our food? We have choices to make?

2. NY TIMES 3/15/13 Spring rain, then foul algae in ailing Lake Erie; Lake Erie is sick. Each summer, a thick toxic algae appears and covers 1/6 th of the lake. Contributing to a dead zone at the bottom, reducing fish populations, fouling beaches and crippling the $10 Billion revenue generating tourist industry. We’ve reclaimed the Lake from Pollutants in the 1960’s , it can be an environmental success again. We have a choice.

3. NY TIMES 3/15/13 Floyd Norris ” Hidden Numbers make Banks even Bigger”. Under American accounting rules , banks that trade derivatives can keep trillions of dollars off their balance sheet . Thereby, masking their risk. This condition, should force change as European and American Banks are compared , using the current European accounting rules. Want transparency in banking, we have a choice?

4. LOL NY TIMES 3/15/13 Fed faults 2 Big Banks over plans for capital; Of the 18 Banks surveyed only 2 Banks were told to beef up their balance sheets and they weren’t CITIGROUP OR BANK OF AMERICA , those 2 troubled Banks got a pass and they are allowed to buy back their stock and pay back shareholders. Where are the regulators trying to prevent another 2008 type. Crash? We have choices.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments of support. Glad you concur. Please continue to read, share and comment on my Posts. Wishing you the best. Joyce

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