PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Infrastructure debate, it’s all about the MONEY

1. Bill Moyers 3/17/13 and his guest Anthony Lieserwicz postulate; THE GOVERNMENT AND THE CORPORATIONS RUNNING THIS NATION HAVE A Short term myopic focus which misses the urgency of Climate Change. 4 out of 10 people have never heard of Climate Change. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? It’s not too late to act, we haven’t begun to limit fossil fuels. EVER THINK WHY WE ARE SO DEPENDENT ON THEM? EVER THINK ABOUT WHO PROFITS FROM OUR SHORTSIGHTED ENERGY POLICES?

We are now heading toward a 3-6 degree change in temperature, global heat will compromise our essential water supplies and other natural resources. It will dull our senses and compromise our ability to think. Why are we delaying taking action? What do we have to do to stop emitting co2? Climate Science needs to build a bottom up grass roots movement; think locally but be aware of the global implications. We have choices.

2. THE FINANCIAL TIMES 3/19/13. CONTRACTORS REAP $138 Billion prize from US spending on rebuilding in IRAQ: While we resist building Infrastructure projects in America, 10 Top Contractors have secured business in Iraq worth at least $72 Billion. In total the US has spent $138 Billion on private security, logistics and reconstruction contractors. The US tax payers money at work, after Wolfowitz declared in 2003, ” we are dealing with a Country that can really finance it’s own reconstruction.” No single contractor has benefitted more then KBR a subsidiary of HALLIBURTON , awarded at least $39.5 Billion. Coming in second were two Kuwaiti Corporations with contracts totaling $13.7 Billion. According to FT investigative reporting, The military has created a fifth branch, known as The Private Sector? Where is our choice?

3. FT 3/19/13 Tech groups swell US cash pile. There’s almost a Trillion Dollars sitting on the side lines as Tech companies ponder how to evade taxes and the redistribution of their cash. There may be a better idea? Reward these companies for R&D. let them bring social media and technology to the next logical step. The creation of industries using social media as a global platform. The creation of “B” companies promoting social good while promoting a decent wage for more products through the use of Faire Trade. ” Buffett used to say, he’d give a dividend to shareholders, when he could no longer invest Berkshire’s money and offer the best return on investment.” We are now in a position to provide global news, global products and link the globe through these platforms, there must be more money to be made for everyone, if used effectively? We have choices.

4. LOL. FT 3/6/13 Rise of machines prompts SEC to join tech war. Kara Scannell on the effort to set up robust controls over the automated systems to which so many decisions are now delegated. The rise in high frequency trading activity , accounting for 53% of the US market in 2012 accounted for damages in the Trillions. Remember the flash crash of 2010? $200 million loss or the Knight Capital Loss of $461 million? To quote Kara, ” I don’t see these companies as financial institutions, they are engineering companies driven by algorithms. Perhaps we would be better off, paying the engineers to create a useful product. We have a choice.

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