1. When it comes to the choice between the taxpayer and the Banks, we know who won. The bankers: they got to keep their Banks, their risk, their shadow banking system, with no consequences or accountability expected.

The taxpayers lost big time. They lost their homes, they took on student loans with no hope of a job, they kept their credit card debt and with limited to no funds left they missed out on the latest Bull Run of the stock market.

2. While perusing Wikipedia & other sources under Hank Paulson, several proposals were discussed to prevent the devastation of the middle class; two are listed here for your review. WE DO HAVE CHOICES.

3. The List:

. Hank Paulson proposed making the head of the Fed a super committee, with the ability to analyze risk and prevent the next bubble. A Systemic Risk Regulator with accountability and the ability to have access to all information concerning the markets. This regulator would, presumably, have a better chance of identifying and limiting future speculative bubbles. Additionally, Hank Paulson recommended a regulatory system that would reinforce the responsibility of the lenders, investors, borrowers and all market participants to analyze risk and make informed decisions to wind down the Banks without hurting the taxpayers.
. Rosalind Resnick, a journalist, recommended giving the taxpayer the same advantage as the Banks being bailed out. LET HOMEOWNERS REFINANCE THEIR MORTGAGES AT 2%: Along with all student debt, credit card debt and car loans; freeing up cash for the middle class. This is similar to the Bank’s ability to borrow at the Fed window giving them liquidity.

4. We were never given a choice. The middle class was held responsible and accountable for other people’s mistakes? We can reform the Banking system; continuing on this financial path will end badly. WE HAVE A VOICE AND WE HAVE A CHOICE. Elect someone new to Congress and break the ties that bind!

5. No institution should reside in the shadows away from Public Scrutiny. Consider slamming the revolving door between government, Regulators, and business of any kind. If you’re elected to government , you have a fiduciary responsibility to the people who elected you. We have many choices to make? Doing nothing is a choice. It means you are happier today then you were 6 years ago.

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