PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Advocate for the good life

1. Bill Moyers Sunday night PBS : Inequality in America; As the rate of lay offs decreased so did the rate of hiring workers. Corporations are awash in $1.7 Trillion in cash. 40% of all Corporations are registered as Off Shore tax havens, not including 4000 Americans personally sheltering their assets. For $1000.00 and 3 days in the Virgin Islands, anyone can set up an off shore account, Where is the choice for the middle class?

2. NY TIMES 4/15/13 As Wall Street soars in tough era, company size is a big factor: Pumping up the stock market continues while Main Street folks will experience a decrease in revenue as growth slows in the coming months. It has been re confirmed by the data, this is a bifurcated economy. Corporate profits are at record highs, while small businesses are dead in the water. Time for choices?

3. THE FINANCIAL TIMES4/15/13 Israel ‘s opportunity for a new economy/ Political upheaval gives a chance for radical reform. Overall economic performance does not match the country’s high tech credentials. Twenty families control the wealth of the country. They dominate access to credit and have turned the domestic economy into an un level playing field. ( Sound familiar? The US has the Forbes 400.). Prime Minister Netanyahu and The Bank of Israel have been thwarted.

Capitalism has two faces. One face is competition aimed at bringing new and better products and services to market. The second consists of rigging markets to seize wealth generated by others. The challenge is to tackle the privileges of crony capitalism. The FT recommends breaking up the oligopolies in the interests of the Country to give the electorate what it wants. There are choices.

4. FT 4/15/13 LOL Larry Summers comments on our stalemate in Congress: His conclusion: For America, political gridlock is not the problem, IT IS A PROBLEM OF VISION! Time for choice, now?

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