PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Highest levels of CO2 reported/ solutions

1. PBS NIGHTLY NEWS: Rockefeller University weighs in on Cities and their need to build redundant systems. A Smart grid was proposed as a project, creating redundant systems with the capacity to respond to weather crisis by delinking from the network when needed. Rockefeller University will partner with Miami, giving them a grant to implement sustainable infrastructure. Additionally, Miami intends to create a new department to effectively respond to climate crisis with orderly exit plans from the City. This partnership is meant to augment Government by proposing the latest technology to help the Cities in their attempt to adapt to the rapid changes in weather. We have choices! More importantly, we also have solutions to mitigate and adapt to the environment.

2. Town Hall meeting on PBS THIS EVENING 5/16/13. Richard Ravitch concurs with Rockefeller University that the The Power Grid is the single most important structure to be developed. Loss of power is something that can be resolved. Mold as a result of loss of power, persists. There is a simple remedy for Mold removal, Clorox or bleach. Never mix ammonia with Clorox , tough, since the combination produces a toxic gas. Work on both projects could provide work for many.

The Long Island Planning Board anticipates that the building of hardened infrastructure will take years. There was a major problem with sewage spilling into homes and waterways. Infrastructure has to be ” hardened”. They are not burying many lines because of cost? What about using unemployed supervised labor?

NY Polytechnic Institute says they had plans for a storm surge in 2009; but there was little forward planning. THE NEW SOUTH FERRY SUBWAY, NEVER SURVIVED THE FLOOD SURGE, BUT A CENTURY OLD SYSTEM SURVIVED? It frustrates Joe Nocera, that the body politic and the people are rejecting the concept that climate change is here. We have choices? Adapt and/ or mitigate it’s effects, sea levels are rising!

3. NY TIMES 5/15/13 For insurers , no doubt on climate Change. Over the last year , Super storm Sandy and the drought in the Mid West Corn Belt , cost insurers $35 Billion in privately insured property losses, $11 Billion more then the average over the last decade. The industry expects the situation to get worse.

Insurance is heavily dependent on scientific thought, Frank Nutter, president of The Reinsurance Association of America, told Eduardo Porter last week. Therefore, as the evidence states, prepare for rising sea levels and storm surges, a rise in summer droughts and cyclones, the industry pays attention but is not an advocate, yet. However, that may change, since they are getting a bad name for canceling policies: the effects of climate change are not only devastating for society but bad for business. We have choices.

7 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Highest levels of CO2 reported/ solutions

  1. I believe that the climate discussion and scientific findings need to be discussed in the same frequency that people talk about certain local trivial news that in the scheme of things is quite meaningless. It is up to all of us to advocate for the environment and our place in it.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks fir taking the time to comment. Climate change will bring about solutions to our economic woes.

    2. Thanks for commenting. Climate change will bring about one of the solutions to our economic woes

      All the best Joyce

    3. Thanks for your comments.
      I agree 100%. When 97% of the scientists believe this is a problem.
      When Insurers are paying out more $’s, it’s a problem.
      One that could lead us out of recession if we choose.
      Feel free to write anytime. All the best. Joyce

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