PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Progress on Issues?

1. Code for America / PBS Access services on the Web. The Ecumenical Food Program coordinates with Civic Apps. , to link the homeless and others in need with vital distribution services. The young technologically savvy are being encouraged to help cities spend less and work smarter by using Smart phone technology. Sounds like a win- win. We have a choice to use our technology effectively.

2. NY TIMES 5/24/13 (REDUX). Banks’ Lobbyists help in drafting bills on finance: there is a move to soften rules. Wall Street is finding the Capital a friendlier place, it now donates more. WALL STREET’s cozy relations include the Democratic Senators responsible for writing the Dodd Frank regulations. WHO BETTER TO WRITE 70 out of 80 lines of the Bills , then the industry that is regulated by those rules??. What happened to the laws written by Congress? If Senators abrogate their responsibility, do you continue to elect them to office? We have a choice.

3. NY TIMES: 7/4/13 Oregon has a plan to offer state education while deferring student loans. This bipartisan plan, following the Australian model, provides for ” State ” seed money to start the program; How much State money is required?; would depend upon the scope of the pilot program. The plan’s supporters have estimated that the plan would work , if 3% of a former students salary for 20 years is paid back to the State. This repayment is contingent on earning a Bachelor ‘s degree. It’s a third way? We have choices.

4. LOL : NY TIMES 7/4/13. Health Law delay puts Exchanges in Spotlight. At issue is the implementation of individual insurance exchanges and premium tax credits provided by the Affordable Care Act. Once again, the burden of compliance rests on the people who must participate in the health care program; buy insurance by 2014 or face fines. Corporations , with 50 or more employes, have been temporarily suspended from participation in the program; since many were opting to incur the $2000.00 penalty rather then provide insurance for qualified employees. Ultimately, the effect of this delay is unknown. ” De- bugging the system” is the real concern. We needed choices?

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