Public Advocacy: Have we given Lemmings a bad wrap!

1. Passion is both a positive and a negative, I know! Too much passion and you risk being tuned out. Too little and nobody listens , either? So, I might as well have an abundance of Passion and learn how to channel it .

2. When tasked with choosing between Scarcity and Abundance, I’d choose abundance most of the time, with the following exception. The Media as entertainment, 24/7, has dulled our senses. We have so much data available to us, we can no longer focus on what’s important. Even the Zombies in WWZ became aroused by something, but not Americans. We toil, we spend, we grouse, but we don’t act on our behalf or on the behalf of our Community, or our Country. We might as well be cannibalizing our young, because nothing seems to trigger a gut reaction to save them.

We have gone from a Nation of Doers to a Nation of Watchers. Watching and waiting for someone else to save us from disaster. Instead of seizing the moment and joining with our neighbors and asking how they are? What do they think? Really looking for a sincere and honest answer that we can respond to. We hide behind our technology , forgetting that people are people. We haven’t changed that much in Thousands of years, we are still Hunter Gatherers. Depending on our financial status, we shop the local super market instead of killing” wild game”. We need to feel a sense of Community and extend a helping hand? We need to belong?

If we are or we aren’t better off then 2006, let’s share our stories and see where we are going as a people and a Nation. Thank God, we haven’t killed ourselves off yet. We have a brain, there is no one in the last few years, as I travel around our Country or visit other Countries, who doesn’t have an opinion or couldn’t be the next ” Great Philosopher”. We have power when we join together and decide what makes us happy or sad.

I’m happy to provide a forum to discuss our suffering as well as our joys and our creative moments. I’m Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best. Joyce

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