PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Politics of Blind Faith

Being a Party faithful, is bad!  If you never question authority, how do you find “your own truth to live by”? Let’s consider Noah and the Flood.  Noah was “thought of a righteous man for his time.”  Note, NOT a righteous man through and through. He was the best man for a specific time — a time of evil.  He followed Gods’ word to the Letter.  He could have thought about the situation and as a truly Righteous Man, saved more then himself and family.  In the end, when the flood receded, he could have gone forth with dignity, yet instead he chose to wait for direction.  Noah was a party faithful, and the result was the death of humanity.  An “evil” humanity, perhaps, but still…an overreaction?


We are capable of thought and action in a way Noah was not.  If not, we might as well put handcuffs on and wait to be fed, like animals.  

When I travel through our City, the Taxi drivers understand the impasse in Washington and the corruption of our representatives.  They are hardly naive like the Party faithful. They are real, with real emotions, they have seen far worse then what’s happening here, so they understand.  

There is a need to take back our Nation.  I keep thinking about the Country we could have, or the City we could build if we stopped being so petty and narrow minded.  There are worlds to conquer before we sleep.

In the city, I’ve been asked whether I like Bill deBlasio or Joe Lhota.  My answer is neither.  Neither the Far Left or a Republican hack have the ability or vision to bring this City into this Century.  We used to be the best City in the World, but no longer.  I yearn for more. More innovation to match the growth of this City.  A candidate whose platform is “support me for Mayor, or some position where I can be of service and contribute to changing our World.”


I get tired waiting and my knuckles hurt from hanging on.  I like challenges we can fix together.  But I’m tired of waiting for Action.

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