PUBLIC ADVOCACY: It’s Theater/What’s the Tragedy

What’s a tragedy?  Death is a tragedy, if it’s someone you love, no matter what the age.

But being Gay or being Black or any other color of the Rainbow is not a tragedy.  Homosexuality is not about the color of your skin, it’s about your sexual orientation.  I don’t care!  Everyone is acceptable to me if they are decent kind human beings.

Do I know men and women who are homophobic, you bet.  That’s their right.  If I had known the premise of “Buyer and Cellar”, would I say it’s for everyone?  No!   Would I recommend it, not sure?

But then again, I wouldn’t recommend “Enough Said” either.  A cute film about older love and awkwardness, like ” Sideways“, but not a great film.

Guess the play was in that category as well.  Half the audience laughed , I laughed!  That to me is good theater.  If you can feel some emotion from watching a Play, the playwright has done his job.   It’s entertainment.  If you weren’t pleased with following me into the unknown, So Sorry, but into the unknown is new territory for all of us.  Better then the status quo.

For me, I’m sure!

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