PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Time for a New Party?

To thine own self be true. Who am I. I am flattered when either side accepts me but I hold no allegiance to either Political Party since they don’t represent me or you. They have spent vast sums of money to corrupt our way of life and destroy our system of government. One man one vote has ceased to exist.

In their fighting, the American People have lost big time. So much work to be done, every day that we delay forming our own Party, taking back government, we are putting ourselves in jeopardy. There are no new jobs being created. No financial reforms being advocated Nothing…..and the beguiling part about nothing new and the status quo, they are subtle forms of tyranny.

I don’t espouse violence , but I do say act  now, Stop thinking and start doing. This is the time, past time to take back our Nation. This is not something that can be done alone. We need a movement that sweeps the Nation that has parts of both Parties ideals. The concepts are not wrong, the parties representatives are wrong in their use of Power.

The original wishes of the Founding Fathers was ” no Political Parties”, They saw the corruption that would ensue. But we established the Republican and Democratic Parties and they have forgotten who they serve. In their accumulation of new wealth they have forgotten us.

If this suits you, stay with a Party , protect their right to exist with your life. Because surely you are giving up all your rights by maintaining the status quo. It is past time to halt the game playing in Washington and around our Country.

I will serve in any capacity to make our wishes known. But for God’s sake choose to act Now. Don’t wait Not for my sake, but for your own. We the People deserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you are not better off then you were 5 or 6 years ago, stop talking about our problems and be part of the solution.

We have the talent. We need the will. Who among you will join me on October 17 th, the signing of our Constitution , or on a date of your choosing , and declare that a People’s Party has been born, taking the best of the left and the right and combining them into a Platform that Draws us all into one tent. That has always been my Dream, I just can’t wait 40 years for this idea to germinate. It’s up to you, my followers, to declare a wish for change and to be ready to do the hard work required to start a new Political Organization. The choice is yours , dear reader.   We have choices. Do nothing or start taking control of our lives. Let me know what you choose?

If we are truly goal oriented, seeking to establish a new platform based on values we cherish,  will succeed .  Please let me know your thoughts on this subject?  All the best.

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