PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hostage Negotiator Needed?

Last night I heard the same circular arguments. Obama is hated because he’s Black and that’s why the GOP won’t negotiate with him? ( If true, this debate should be taking place, immediately, in every Public Forum?). The GOP says it’s being hijacked by a fringe minority of it’s own creation , that’s why they can’t negotiate? The democrats are watching and waiting in the catbird seat , waiting for the shutdown to continue or not, they don’t have to negotiate? Status quo for them and disaster for the Country

No I don’t think anyone should be proud of the crisis they have created. At first I thought the lack of consensus was purposeful and now more then ever. I believe it to be true. If you want to negotiate , you negotiate. You don’t talk about it,

Ipso Loquitor , what’s happening in Washington speaks for itself. No one negotiates because they are protecting their private fifedom’s rather then considering the plight of the people. Congress doesn’t lose health care or social security or disability checks. They have no knowledge of the pain they are inflicting. Too bad you can’t sue them. For sure you should be able to prosecute anyone who has hedged their portfolio and makes a profit while participating in this debacle .

Going to Congress should be like sitting on a Board. No insider trading on knowledge you possess. If you collect a salary from the taxpayers you should not be able to profit , if they can’t.

At a minimum congressmen and women should live by the rules and laws they make. Only if they have “skin in the game”, will they be accountable. Also, Washington should be a place where you work and live. Not some beautiful palace on the hill where you invest minimum time for big rewards. People negotiate better if they get to know their co workers.

Meanwhile, the Country watches helpless as the show on the hill continues. Perhaps they should publish the proposed Budget in the New York Times and local newspapers? This way the entire Country will have some information on a Budget that will impact all our lives? Just a suggestion, but I’d like to know what the debate is about. We may need a refreshment course?

Last but not least, Good luck to us, the Public, looks like we may also need a Hostage Negotiator, since we’re the hostages. So much for free will and free choice.


2 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hostage Negotiator Needed?

  1. Sadly, the public is not a consideration in the petty arguments that fester in Washington so I don’t think we’ll get to peek at the budget or any other document until its far to late to make a fuss over let alone offer credible suggestions.

    The system is swollen and itchy like it’s been stung by a bee. Therefore all the attention will remain in close quarters with interest agenda bandaids ready to loosely hinge (often totally opposite) programs, laws, amendments, …

    I choose to believe that my vote, counts; that my voice, is heard, that my individual life is considered, (all our lives) are considered by the few who hold the strings—all the while in the recesses of my mind (or like Dusty Springfield sang, “Like a circle in a circle, or a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning – (a little levity as I myself am swelling with frustration) I am too aware that I, we are like the lice on the mite that resides on the tail end of the wooly mammoth. An if by chance anyone scratches, the best that happens is we’ve been shaken into paying attention, yet again with no “unencrypted” answers.

    They do have the knowledge of the pain inflicted, they’ve done it before, they’ve done it on an international level, and they will do it again—all under the umbrella “the national good,” “the ends satisfy the means.”

    Our government was not set up to minister to the individual. It was, indeed designed to protect the inalienable rights of “man” (I use the term loosely), it was designed to work like a machine, like a combine harvester: it reaps, threshes, and winnows—the population left behind has limited resources and they are either left to “minion” status or baled to fill the next politicians need for an “empty” cause to bolster a campaign.

    Thank you, The Voice of Joyce, for sharing and allowing us to share.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.
      I was impressed by your eloquence and saddened by the message. Too true!
      Perhaps if enough of us speak frankly about ” our” condition, change will occur. I could visualize your metaphors, wonderful piece of writing as well.

      All the best.
      Please write and continue to share your thoughts
      Very truly yours, Joyce

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