PUBLIC ADVOCACY: We can’t forget our Planet or Mother Nature!

While we continue War and petty Congressional bickering, the World is succumbing to the ravages of Climate Change. Time appears to be running out!

Floods and early snows destroyed cattle in the Dakota’s
Cyclones destroy Japanese Island life and lives in the Philippines
Fires burn out of control in Sydney, Australia.

The list gets longer daily. Air Pollution world wide is becoming as dangerous as second hand smoke. When do we put down arms for the common good? We are all in it together. Work and do locally but remember, whatever we do, anywhere in the World there are unintended consequences of continued reckless behavior that creates greater CO2 emissions and now Death.

It is no joke, that we investigate Panda poop for fuel in China. Or better still, make it synthetically available , if we can.?

We already know we can use spider silk, by implanting the spider DNA , into sheep. We can actually mass produce this silk when it’s separated from the host sheep’s milk. Unthinkable years ago? And it’s a stronger more resilient ” fabric” then silk?

IBM has lackluster profits, when it’s systems should be in demand to monitor the mundane movement of garbage trucks, signal lights, etc. If Rio has a City command center, why not New York. The power grid and other systems should be online and tracked and de coupled from the system when catastrophic events happen. We can’t forget Sandy, because Mother Nature is not benign?

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