PUBLIC ADVOCACY: replacing old ICONS ?

Still on the fence about Blind Faith. Take the test, read 3 entertaining ” best sellers” and become enlightened. Tough going for any Liberal with Democratic Icons to plow through, but extremely enlightening , if you are a seeker of thruth? You be the judge.

1. Learn about the origins of the Financial Crisis 2007 and the Fannie and Freddie Debacle, read Gretchen Morgenson’s book, ” Reckless Endangerment”. Good read, tough to swallow.

2. Peter Schweitzer’s book, ” Throw them all out”. Details winner takes all Politics. Who’s involved, and what was their gain? There is an interesting reference, that can be missed, directing the reader to the government website, that details all the grant money released to the states as stimulus. A must read , that makes you think about our Market Society , (Congressional Insider Trading ) , and wonder , ” where and to whom, did every $1 Million job go”? That was the average cost of every job created under the Stimulus Program?

Meanwhile, as the Right and The Left vilify each other’s icons, George Soros on the left and the Koch Brothers on the Right. Reacquaint yourself with both of them.

I just saw an interesting film, at the NYFF, “Omar”, sponsored by The George Soros Economic Development Fund and Rawabi, “the City on the Hill ” in Ramallah , that I personally visited in January . This vision of Rawabi , is highly touted as a link to peace? Yet both The Developers of Rawabi and George Soros have sponsored a film about Palestinian terrorists? I wonder, if you are espousing Peace, why continue the conversation of ” hate”?

Next, The Financial Times 10/18/13 , analyzed the formation of the Tea Party using the Koch Brothers funds. No grass roots movement, The Tea Party was founded on a reward for service basis. Take away the funding and see how long the movement lasts. Sadly, “main stream”Republicans are not as well funded. I quote, Jacob Weisberg, FT ” Republican moderates need a political machine”. What the GOP needs is a return to core values, respect for tradition, aversion to radicalism and willingness to compromise.”

3. Last, but not least, 10/22/13 The New York Times, discusses Peter Schweizer’s new book ” Extortion “. Closely detailing the legality of Leadership PAC’s which allows individual Congressman to use funds as a ” personal” life style boost, very little of the money goes into their campaigns. For more information, 60 Minutes, devoted 20 minutes to Leadership PACS on Sunday 10/20/13. As noted in both of Mr Schweizer’s books , Icons , on the Right and the Left have no trouble taking the cash and spending it lavishly on themselves and their families and friends. None of the money has to actually find it’s way into the campaign. Taxes are not paid or required on the donated funds?

Can the practice be stopped? That’s the hope. Peter Schweizer’s book ” Throw them all Out”. Resulted in the Stock Act curtailing insider trading, some what! His last book, attempts to curtail loop holes in the Campaign Finance Laws. However, since this is to be voted on by Congress, what’s the odds they’ll vote against their self interest?

LOL In The NY Times 10/22/13. Peter Schweizer’s column ” Politicians’ Extortion Racket”, he has come to the conclusion , we have been focusing our efforts on protecting Congress from special interests, it’s time to stop pitying the poor politicians and start being wary of them – they play the shakedown game as well as anyone. That’s why real bills take longer then necessary to become laws, a self interest game is in Play and Politicians win ” big time”. Us, the People, their constituents, not so much. We have choices?

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