PUBLIC ADVOCACY: “the Old road to Peace?”/your choice?

In the interest of full disclosure, this was my first thought in a series of thoughts on Israeli Palestinian Peace Talks. I decided to publish this essay now , since The Roadmap for Peace resides within the heart’s and minds of all the People affected directly by the Peace talks. There should be many options ” on the table” , therefore, I offer my 2 cents, to help speed the process. Wishing you all the best. Please read and feel free to comment, whether you agree or don’t agree with any of the concepts for Peace.

If Peace is really desired in The Middle East, between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians, then the old dance has to stop. No peace because you’re still building settlements. No Peace because you encourage terrorism and anti semitism. It is no longer who was hurt, who suffered more, we are talking about acceptance of the other; leading to a nation or a people, living and working together in Peace.

Is it too much to hope for? It would be great if Israel didn’t have to be the biggest club in the neighborhood. It would also be great if Palestinians decided to be de- militarized on their own and capable of saying no to outside interference by the ” Cold War warriors” and mercenaries.

It might also be appropriate for Jordan to give up part of their sovereign land, just a thought, because Trans Jordan was to be the original state for Palestinians.

Both sides have a choice. Continue war at the expense of your people or invest in a future that is rewarding for all your citizens. War has a significant cost. It drains the resources from countries and prevents the achievement of middle class independence through work, education and ingenuity.

You want to achieve boundaries, statehood lines, where none came before. Well then, stop the rhetoric , take out the maps and determine what will work.

The maps will delineate the boundaries of the one or two state solution. No more dance except a new one for Peace. All cards on the table and the people on both sides to vote on a referendum for Statehood? Why not?

Statehood is too important to leave to the Politicians. The people should be part of the equation on both sides. Hey, you never know, I’ve found the average person is realistic in their assessment of their human condition . They talk about what they think and want , even if no one of ” importance” is listening.

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