PUBLIC ADVOCACY: the ” Two State” solution doesn’t work

You can pursue the two state solution for the next twenty years

The Oslo Accords don’t seem to work. If they were so easy to implement they would have been implemented years ago. Both sides have stonewalled this agreement. I believe the boundaries proposed , states within states , security borders and side agreements with other Nations , are unworkable.

It is far simpler to go with the original dream of Statehood , the natural boundary of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. Far easier to swap people then create another unworkable state.

Land/Boundaries in the Middle East have to be defensible. Otherwise foreign mercenaries can be paid to invade your land and create civil war. Borders which are protected are an absolute. Having a contented population is another absolute.

Therefore, by referendum, determine how many Palestinians accept this solution and who would like to live In Peace within the expanded state of Israel/ The United States of Israel ? The population which agrees to live in Peace within Israel stays. Those who don’t accept this “new concept” should be given re numeration for leaving to States of their ancestral roots.

It’s not just about the maps.

I was struck by the article in the NY TIMES this morning , another senseless murder by one teenager perpetrated on another, this time the murdered teenager was wearing the Uniform of the State of Israel. However, the ending of this sad tale was more important then another ” hate” crime. The parents of the young ” killer” visited the home of the Israeli parents ,whose son was murdered by their son , and offered condolences. I found that simple human act comforting. People who share a common bond, a common feeling of sympathy and empathy for the other , can and do live in Peace.

And let’s not forget about Rawabi, which may turn into a success story, if this One State solution is acceptable to the majority. The buildings are there, the infrastructure requires work, is it possible to turn this concept of Modern Arab Society into a commingling of faiths looking to become part of the 21 st Century, as Basshar Al-Marsi once envisioned. A destination point for many to enjoy with Soccer, theater , shops, schools, hospitals. Sounds like a plan to me.

I don’t think we should be worried about an inclusive Israeli State. It is my hope that one day all will be proud to declare that they are Jewish , In solidarity with all who are persecuted. Give the people and Peace a chance.

Those who accept and care about former friends and neighbors share a bond far stronger then any artificially imposed boundaries.

If you have another view or solution dear reader, please feel free to contact me or comment. I am prepared to respond to any and all suggestions. Peace is the desirable outcome I believe in most disputes.

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