PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Bi-Partisan/Bah Humbug!

Far be it for me to rain on anyone’s parade. If I have, can’t say, I’m the least bit sorry. In the old days when you fought with your brother, your mother didn’t say shake hands and forget about it! No sir, first she beat you both up , or if she was inclined, punished you equally, and then insisted you be friends or else.

So I was a little perplexed to read THE FINANCIAL TIMES today and note Jamie Dimon‘s exclamation of pure joy, ” Thank God, Thank God, Thank God, they are finally going to stop the grid lock and work together.” He must be joking?

Work together to accomplish what? Have I missed something. No newspaper on this Planet thinks our Congress has created anything, let alone fiscal stability and a road to job creation in our Nation. Nothing so lofty. They merely agreed to shift money around where it suits them. New hires , too bad you get to contribute to your Pensions and your cost of living increases have been frozen. Expiring jobless claims, no need to worry about them, didn’t you hear, joblessness no longer exists in the Country. Oh, those farm subsidies, to non working farmers, don’t fret, they’re being maintained, can’t let the folks standard of living suffer. No siree , the things we hold dear to America and Americans they won’t be touched. Farm subsidies remain, new oil and gas exploration to be allowed, without the scrutiny of DODD FRANK REGULATORS. So , Dodd Frank, as weak and toothless as it is, doesn’t even get the appearance of Law when it comes to overseeing new off shore drilling cash disbursements. How crude!

Hope they checked the seismic records going back 1500 yrs, because you know what they’ll say when the first Tsunami hits the Louisiana’s coast or Miami. Not to worry, we’re increasing our Federal energy storage by 9 days.

Wonder how long this win win for Congress will last. The American people may run out of cake by then. LOL

A note to my readers, none of this was made up. All facts may be checked by the following esteemed newspapers: The New York Times, BBC, The Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal. Thank God for a free press and the time to ” graze” many news sources.

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