PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Do we want a third party or a more pragmatic 2 Party System?

As an ardent fan of America, I’ve watched the gridlock in Washington with dismay.  It has led me to wonder, is it possible to build a Third Political Party using grass roots support?  Can we solicit funds from Retailer’s in distress or the populace?   Is it feasible to create a “third Party”?   Who’s making choices for the moderate pragmatic folks in our Nation? Leading our country out of this economic impasse seems to be a worthwhile goal?  Who else cares?  That’s when I thought about my reader base, we care!

We have choices; transform the existing Political Parties or forge a new one? There are also very practical solutions for consideration.

As I read more about technology, Isaac’s prophecy ( my grandson) of the future is correct. The technology will take over many human tasks. The real question becomes how do we keep people employed and content? If we had a perfect infrastructure and access to the latest science and technology, I’d worry. However; we haven’t resolved our “people issues ” yet. Man has not evolved along with the technology, so there is much work to do to improve our lives. I’ve listed 7 broad categories for your review, work on any or all of them will improve our daily lives.

1. Apprentice programs for our kids, starting in High School
2. Work on infrastructure and housing projects , using Engineers without Borders?
3. Improved train travel, through the use of high speed trains & training
4. Space exploration , our moon and the galaxy
5. Climate mitigation and adaption
6. Education. With an emphasis on Science and technology, math, the arts
7. Reforms. Both Financial and political,

The list continues. Making our lives meaningful on Earth is a full time pursuit. It’s time to stop the chatter about idleness and agree to put people back to work! Full employment will lead to less costs as we lessen human misery. We can achieve less stress and less illness just by providing a meaningful way of life. According to The Economist, this is Morning in America, (Note: they’re speaking foreign policy, but I’m speaking about Job creation and education.  It’s all morning to us!) “What most determines our destiny, is none other the America, itself.” In other words, we have an opportunity to re-create ourselves once again.   We would be fools not to take these hard times and turn them around for our salvation. Never lose sight of the fact, that the World still follows America, we have the capacity to lead .

With these thoughts in mind. I’ve structured several Polls to understand my reader base. I also want to know what’s important to you. Our ideas count and I will publish and tabulate all your responses.   We’re at a crossroads. Wishing you all the best. Very truly yours, Joyce

What do you think, dear reader? Please answer the following Polls:
1. Which Party do you belong to? D (DEMS), G (GOP)’, or I (INDEPENDENT)
2. Which Party would you prefer to join?
3. Rank in importance the 7 items listed. Solutions for work! Other?

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

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