PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Outline of the Mid East, Israel and Iranian Nuclear program Polls

Israel Eilat_20090424093543I think I’ve got it? Some of my readers have requested that I conduct a Poll on various topics and generate feedback from my ” voiceofjoyce” Community. I’ve put together a simple list of questions on topics that are of concern to us on the Middle East. If there are any other issues you wish discussed, please do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll set up an on going dialog. Thanks for your support. All the best. Please respond to these simple questions. All results will be public knowledge.  Feedback Poll to follow:

How important is the survival of Israel to you ?

Very important / important/ not at all

Do you think a two State solution is possible?

Should the Palestinian State be demilitarized ?

Do you think a one State solution would work?

Do you think Iran would use or export a bomb?

Should Iran give up terrorism before more sanctions are lifted?
Yes/ no

Anyone else writing on these topics , please feel free to send your URL and the appropriate links. Thanks so much. These interactions are helpful to all of us.

Do You think Iranians understand that their government’s nuclear policy , not  only sanctions ,  contributed to their depressed economy?


Do you think ordinary Iranians know that their country exports Terrorism and spends money on missiles?


For sanctions to be stopped or lifted, what bench marks should be verified?
1. Stop all Nuclear Weapons Production

2. Dismantle their Nuclear Weapon Facilities
3. Require full accountability of all Nuclear production facilities
4. Hold free elections in Iran
5. Allow the people to be informed and have access to the World Wide Web
6. Stop promoting anti Israel and anti US rhetoric .

please select #’s 1 thru 6 ,  any combination , or all of the above.

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