PUBLIC ADVOCACY: a New Year’s Resolution: The rise of investigative journalism?

English: Theodore Roosevelt wearing pince-nez,...
English: Theodore Roosevelt wearing pince-nez, traditionally uncredited photograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m concerned. What happened to the great author’s and investigative reporters of our time?

They existed during Teddy Roosevelt‘s tenure in government, in fact, they ran the journalistic pieces, whether in papers, magazines or books which provided the facts for him to prosecute The Trusts. All the great legislation of 1901-1905 was developed by the writers of the day,  reporting on the fraud that was committed by The Rockefeller’s, JP Morgan, the meat packing industry, etc. Teddy knew about the corruption in Congress but he needed proof. The journalists and novelists gave him the proof he needed.

After the depression we had many novelists write about the life and times of the day. The 60’s were full of books and novels on social commentary. So where is the investigative press now? Where are the young novelists ready to write about the wrongs they’ve encountered in Society? Let’s talk about what we know. We can’t ask government or lobbyists or private institutions to turn state’s evidence but we can gather information through private and public channels.

Any one interested In confronting the status quo, can always link their Blog to my site. I require verifiable accurate information. Let’s try an experiment. I’d like to expand my Blog into a newspaper and encourage ” budding novelists to write about the corruption we’re experiencing. Anyone from occupy Wall Street or the Tea Party , or in between, have a story to tell?

We need folks to step forward, being timid only stops you initially, but once you’ve stood up for your rights and what’s right, fear fades and empowerment takes over.

I look forward to hearing from you. Wishing you the best. Joyce

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