PUBLIC ADVOCACY; My thoughts on media and “man”& a need for Compassion

This is the third week of reading the papers and finding almost nothing of importance , which is why, I’m more convinced then ever, that the social media and independent papers, composed of journalists ,  attorneys and people experienced in various industries will become the purveyors of news. Traditional news has become entertainment like everything else in commercial special interest media. As citizens we need to be informed. Whether we use Twitter, Word Press, Facebook , or self printing, Social Media can become the new home of investigative news.

We can broadcast daily through crowd sourcing.   I report on issues which concern me and  you my reader, my knowledge comes from individual “experts in the field”, or many journals.  I graze the news , as others would graze food, sampling many sources.  After the New Year it is my intention to expand my focus.    Through “crowd sourcing”,  I’d like to encourage other experts to join in the dialog to uncover the facts.  As an example:  If I’m covering Finance, someone could be sending me real time info on the progress of bills before Congress, someone else may know the effect of Regulation or lack of it on the daily activity of Banks and ” all other entities responsible for integrated Banking like operations”.  Others could offer human interest stories on the effects of the Financial System on all of our lives.  To lessen the great divide we need easily accessible information, to form choices for action .

Politics effects us all, this is not a pithy statement. We can’t imagine how a one week delay in obtaining your unemployment check, effects a man and his family. As work became scarce during the recession, my mechanics requested to be paid immediately. I used to pay one week after work was completed. They were so desperate for funds they couldn’t wait that long for reimbursement. After querying my fellow contractors and developers, we all agreed; the mechanics performed good work, we had known them a long time, we would honor their request. We were a group, we could not let our fellow man suffer. We paid within 24 hours. It wasn’t easy to tap into your own funds on a moments notice, we became the Bank of last resort.

I don’t really care why other people are insensitive, but I do know that compassion for our fellow man is important.  Politics effects us , we all have the same goals, we merely have to understand what we cherish most and build accordingly. We no longer have time for “cherished” ideology when people’s lives are at stake. We have choices to make and a Middle Class way of life to preserve.

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