PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Excesses of the Banking/ Broker Cuture

The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)Let’s go to the movies. I Just saw the “WOLF OF WALL STREET” a Scorcese and Leonardo di Caprio tour de force. I felt the same way I had felt years ago, when I saw” Goodfellas”, dirty. The excesses on Wall Street have increased non stop through the decades. With the stakes higher then they were before, the power and the money has become a drug.

The crash of 2008 brought down the entire Middle Class globally. How do you make restitution to Billions of People? In this country the Party has to end. Once you’ve totally lost self control, like The Wolf of Wall  Street, Simon Belfort,  ” you” are not  going to change and think about others. No, you become intoxicated with the Power and the money is never enough, because  someone will always make more money!

As part of the small business community and ” once” upper Middle Class, I lost Millions in revenue  because of the Culture of Greed. What makes these individuals more powerful then the average person, they stole more.  Remember, ” Les Miserables”, an” ordinary person”stole  a loaf of bread to feed his family and he’s hounded for life.  That same person would go to prison.  But if you steal enough to cripple a country, bring 300,000,000 to their knees, what happens, nothing, you get to keep the Power, the money, the Art and the toys. No one said life is fair.

The Letter I Ascends, Part 3-01(1)

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