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Morning traffic/morning in America
Morning traffic/morning in America

Now that the mid term elections are upon us and 2016 is being talked about, expect the stimulus to flow!  But what’s the difference, the money will benefit a few, while the rest of the Middle Class remains mired in debt, with no job prospects and without “hope for a better life”.  Nothing has changed .  The System is broken and remains broken.  It can be fixed.  I can propose Solutions, that’s what I do, I solve problems, but you dear Reader, have the POWER to change our lives.  We all need to be involved, when Politics effects us, we have choices.

THE SOLUTIONS:  We have the power!

  1. There is Too much settlement and stimulus money floating around to leave to the banks or government to disperse. We need an independent prosecutor, similar to the Madoff relief trust, with an oversight Board to assure accountability.

They are talking about $ 50Billion from the banks for Mortgage settlement. The last round of settlements, netted folks who lost homes worth $50-150,000.00 maybe a paltry $1000.00/each. Let’s get real. We need loan modification along with a reasonable settlement.  That will put money directly in the hands of the Middle Class.

$16 Billion is being allocated to NY STATE by Joseph Biden, representing the Federal Government,  to keep NY,  “The Empire State”.   The last, $12Billion we received created, 10,600 jobs , each job valued at $ 1Million  . ( Read Peter Schweizer’s Book “Through them all out”, for the reference to the website, detailing grants, loans and money going to NY STATE ).

  • This time around we should insist on an independent commission to oversee dispersal of State Funds, and a referendum should be put before the people , so we too can have a say on which projects are desirable. $ 16 Billion available for jobs could create 320,000 jobs each valued at $50,000.00 each. Assuming 50% for materials we still create over $100,000+ jobs. In case you are wondering, every job created has the potential to add 20 more people to the employment roles. How? Each person working:  purchases food, they pay utility bills, they install Cable,  they buy clothes, go to the  barber, etc. A Community goes back to work!

We can do better!   If we are serious about paying all those working for the City  a prevailing wage .   Award a union contract, but maintain a 50% set aside for training  people in the the Communities.   The Law, which has been circumvented, mandates 7-10% for Minority and women owned businesses.  In this “special” time of  needed jobs, increase the set aside for “real training” of the unemployed.

  • Teach people in housing projects how to maintain their property. Teach them to be painters, plumbers and electricians. Set up an emergency management procedure at every project. (NYU is offering a Master’s in Emergency Management, provide these students with a “real life model”, no need to wait for the next disaster.)  Pay folks fairly for learning to be responsible. We have Israel’s Engineers without Borders” from Technion as a roll model. Note: Obama’s Promise Zones in 5 poor areas should look at  Israel’s ”  Engineers with out Border’s” model for Community Self Sufficency. These  funds should be monitored & dispensed through an Asset Relief independent auditor for 100% accountability .   People want to see the results of the funds dedicated to improving their way of life. We have choices. Engineers without Borders/Ted Talk.
  • While the Engineers without Borders, TEd talk , referenced above deals with the needs of “basic” societies,  the message is clear, be involved, understand the Communities needs and train our future leaders, to lead, through hands on participation in their  Communities.
  •  Those jobs, like marsh replenishment , work on the electric grid, work on infrastructure should be filled by a large percentage of the unemployed.   Create a lottery system for the unemployed to become employed. Announce these job openings thru, church’s schools, unemployment offices, Federal safety net systems, and social media. There are ways and means to match people with jobs.
  • Have we thought about using abandoned factories , in destroyed cities , for Hydroponics , bicycle production. Able bodied, teenagers and others, could be planting fruits and vegetables for the Community and their chosen transportation could be a bicycle? We get “Two bangs for our Buck”,  nutrition and exercise.

Now that we know we can create “good jobs” for Millions of people, let’s look at various methods of generating money to keep the Economy flowing!
1. People caused Americans to lose their jobs, their homes, their health and their dignity. It’s very nice that they choose to give back to charity’s of their choice, but The American people lost , according to the Dallas Fed $50,000-$120,000 / household and that’s a conservative estimate.   How about giving back to causes that have crippled the American Middle Class?  Look at the example of the Ford Foundation, et al, they are contributing to the bail out of Detroit.  Last year, the top 1% accumulated $3.7 Trillion, 10% should be designated  willingly to a fund for  retiring student loans and retraining and educating  the populace.  This program would definitely put money back in the hands of the Middle Class and maybe Penny’s wouldn’t have to fire 2000 employees.
2. The Banks should be re- structured and broken up, again another Israeli model, one Country’s Pyramid is another Country’s Cartel. Fines, fraud settlements, other monies collected should go into another, independent pool for reinvestment in small business at minimal loan rates. It would be appropriate to decrease those credit card rates as well. Banks borrowing at close to zero should not be able to charge usurious rates for credit.
3. The CEO of a Bank, All “upper” bank management,  and the Board should be held personally liable for the actions of their employees. They should have known the corporate practices in place.   Where was “due diligence”?   Bankers are different, they have no conception of the effect of losses on  other people, your money is not important to them, only their money has worth, ergo, their  personal money should be placed into a ” lock box account”  and be available to bail out the Bank, when required. Only when they have responsibility for losses, would Bankers eschew risk.  Accountability and responsibility are alien concepts in this age of free money, but it doesn’t have to be?  Why have we given Bankers a pass?  The Middle Class was “more then responsible”.  (Note:  There are daily references to The Banking and Broker mindset in the Financial Times and the NY Times, we have given this self indulgent culture “a Pass”.
4.let’s not forget Federal programs that work!
NY TIMES 1/10/14. According to  Nicolas Kristof  there  is progress on the War on Poverty .  Listed below are some programs that work.

  • Head Start
  • Programs to strengthen the family : nurse Family partnership , healthy Families, child first, save the children, thirty million words project.
  • Programs that encourage jobs & career academies use Training at risk teenagers, in specialized careers and gives them  specific on the job training. Statistics suggest that 8 yrs later these kids are earning significantly more.

“Where there is a will there’s a way!” A short version “of what can be done!   Solving our Nations inequality problem is easy, but you have to start with Financial and then Corporate reform.  Since almost 27, 000 readers are mainly interested in this topic, this is “the place to start”.  Reform our financial system, let money flow responsibly to many folks and we start to decrease income inequality.  It’s up to all of us to say we want a better future.  It’s morning again in America.  Let me know , dear reader what you think.  Also, if you have personal stories you’d like to share, please do so.  All the best.

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