PUBLIC ADVOCACY: My passion for Glass Art/Day 1

Seatle from Pikes Market
Seattle from Pikes Market

Seattle should be designated a Glass Blowing center , as well as Detroit and   New England.  These cities are hubs of creativity and craftsmanship.  My recommendation, if it hasn’t been considered, would be to list these “crafts” , Galleries, and all Artists creations in American  Guidebooks. Similar to the designated oenophile regions throughout the Country. This is a destination point for collectors of Museum Glass or decorative arts. It’s all here in Seattle.   All you have to do is peruse this Post for the listings and works of the prominent Glass Artists, a congenial, collaborative group who share facilities, employees and   two mentors, Lino Tagliopietro and Dale Chihuly.

As part of my personal journey, I was searching for the “birthplace” of Museum/Art Glass in America, when a small group, Sponsored by The Schantz Gallery of  Stockbridge, Massachusetts, recommended  that I accompany them on an intense, one week tour of the Seattle “glass Scene” and 9 Glass Blowers.    Since I’ve never visited Seattle, this seemed like an opportunity waiting to happen.  I looked forward to this new experience with “new friends” and willingly signed up for this immersion experience in Glass Blowing and creation.  Seattle is a great place to visit if you are looking for an intense experience in Food, Art and Culture.

From the first moment we entered Dale Chlhuly’s Boat Basin the magical tour began. I call it eye candy for the “mind”. The color, the thrill of watching the glass piece emerge out of fire and the dedication of the team, executing the vision of the master, it’s captivating and mesmerizing for me as I stood or sat as close to the action and the fire as possible. I wasn’t alone,  11 others in my group, sponsored by The Jim Schantz Gallery , felt equally entranced. This was the beginning of an intense bonding experience …..A day in Seattle, non stop through the Chihuly Studios. Watching hot glass being blown. Privileged to see the Chihuly team at work. Some members of his 89 person staff have been working with Chihuly for 35 years.   Joey Kirkpatirck and Flora Mace  have  been assembling colorful “glass canes” for layering on cylinders or other Chihuly pieces for 35 years.  A video of their work is attached for your enjoyment.  With years of collecting and “watching” experience, I never tire of the “ritual” that becomes part of superb masterpieces.  “Glass art is borne of “Fire” both in the imagination and actually.  Please watch this video, dear reader and perhaps you’ll become an enthusiastic collector too!


  Video of the creation of of “large” soft cylinder using

cane placement by Chihuly’s team  Joey Kirkpatrick & Flora Mace

Example of Soft Cylinder
Example of Soft Cylinder






Susan Warner/Director Chihuly
Susan Warner/Director Chihuly/Kindred Soul





I do hope you enjoy my  photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Nothing fancy, just my iPhone and iPad . Easy and fun, from my gadgets to you. Energy and intensity.  Magnificent pieces formed out of fire.  The “Blue Sculpture ” at the extreme right is a Chihuly Sea Form.   Very heavy pieces,  as noted.  Blown glass becoming  sculpture.  But nothing matched the “breath taking” sculpture depicted below spanning 10 ft x 10 ft x 10ft, or so it seemed.

New Work 10 ft x 10 ft
New Work
10 ft x 10 ft


I’d probably still be filming ,   but we’re moving on as a group to to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition at the City Center at the Space Needle.  Featuring , what I assume was Chihuly’s “Boat of Plenty”.


The Space Needle
The Space Needle


Next stop, the studios of Benjamin and Debra Moore.  After the visit to their studio, we will have completed one day’s touring.  Exhilarating, never tiring!

See the next Post for the continuation of Day1 and the similarities between art and nature.  Enjoy.

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