PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Stand with Israel

Views of Gaza
Views of Gaza

This is what’s happening on the ground in Israel. Hamas targets Israeli civilians for destruction. Israeli citizens have 60 sec to respond, get to the nearest bomb shelter and wait for the all clear signal to return to normal life.

When Israel bombs Gaza, they text the Hamas leadership and others to clear the population from the targeted area. Israel also resorts to further notification, by firing a low grade missile onto the roof  of the property targeted, it’s known as a tap, giving the civilian population time to exit their house and perhaps head for a “tunnel”, then a rocket with further intense capabilities is fired.  I’ve seen videos that show Israel has restrained targeting those areas where children are obviously present. Unlike Israel who uses missiles to protect it’s citizens, Hamas uses citizens to protect it’s missiles.


A leadership who cares about their population would respond by getting civilians out of the rockets path and protecting their population from harm. Hamas does not do that. Instead, In order to have better and more effective media coverage for their terrorist group , they have ordered their citizens to stay in their homes and die for the Hamas and Islamic Jihadist cause. What civilized group would use population centers as human shields ? Only a terrorist organization would do so.   Their cause, their hatreds are more important then the People they have been elected to lead. When the Emperor of Japan was faced with the destruction of his People during WWll, he could not order them to commit Hari Kari. (Suicide) Instead, He chose unconditional surrender to further destruction of Japanese property and lives. Though an inglorious end to that War, it was appropriate and humane to preserve Japanese and American lives.

I understand President Obama is interested in brokering a cease fire.  I would urge him to consider the Syrian template for dismantling and removing all weapons of  destruction .   Similar to Syria  , all of the weapons in the Gaza Strip should be uncovered, dismantled and destroyed. Nothing should remain to destroy the Israelis , GAZAN’S , Christians , Arabs or any other people within range of Hamas & Islamic Jihad rockets. America’s power, our power,  is capable of doing this. We participated in the removal and destruction  of Assad’s chemical weapons, why not all the weapons, rockets and weapon infrastructure existing in Gaza ? If you truly value Peace, create a demilitarized zone in the Gaza Strip. A cease fire that endures. That’s the only acceptable cease fire that makes sense to me . Why keep fighting terrorists every day, every year for years, when you can enforce an endurable Peace?

Why does an endurable Peace have to be attained? One reason;   if Hamas is In a Unity Government with the PLO, a violent struggle for power may exist. The PLO is a legal governing entity , it makes no sense for them to be joined to a ” terrorist” organization : Hamas is an organization that manufactures it’s own weapons within Gaza, smuggles medium range rockets from Syria and transports them through Iran.   These  Syrian rockets, designated as M302’s,  are the rockets capable of destroying Tel Aviv or Haifa. They are proudly displayed in Gaza Town Squares. The organized might of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad should not be tolerated in regions surrounding Israel. Imagine these rockets in America, proportionately capable of targeting 200,000,000 people?  That’s what’s happening in Israel, 2/3 rd of the population is at risk!

The Politics of words and ideas surely trumps politics of might and weapons. Civilized people should be able to talk about their differences. It isn’t acceptable to have armed combatants on your doorstep seeking your absolute destruction . That’s why , I think, BIBI is adamant about the separation of Hamas and the PLO. Israel can’t afford to negotiate with two armed and dangerous Foes. Remember, the PLO has not yet produced the murderers of the 3 kidnapped and murdered teens?

I care about Israel’s fate. It is a true Democracy in the Middle East. It could fulfill Technion’s vision of the start up Nation and help all the other Nations in the area share in prosperity, through water conservation, energy development, farming, the list of possibilities is endless. When the Israelis abandoned Gaza in 2005, they left manufacturing facilities, hydroponic farms and infrastructure in place to build a prosperous society. Why did the Gazan’s and their leadership  choose weapons of destruction instead of education and jobs for their People? We the People should have a choice when Politics effects US!

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