PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Christians United for Israel and my thoughts on Cease Fire

My photo 1/2013 trip with SWFS
My photo 1/2013
trip with SWFS

It makes me angry when I read various leaders condemnation of Israel’s treatment of the Gaza population. Ban Ki Moon, condemns the Gaza rockets terrorizing Israel but condemns Israel for retaliating. From what I’ve heard from Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States on a conference call with Pastor John Haggie 7/10/14 , sponsored by Christians United for Israel, I want to shout, “All those condemning Israel, you are naive!” Israel warns the citizens of Gaza 15 minutes before their rockets targeting missiles are launched. The Hamas organization, insists that the civilian population stay in their homes . Structures targeted for destruction then conceal weapons and human shields destined to become martyrs for their cause. War crimes against their people, human shields, those are the names I’d use, they may be innocent, but pressure should be put on Hamas to stop the carnage not Israel. Israel has no choice. They have to destroy the weapons of destruction maintained throughout the Gazan civilian population.

I urge those who want a cease fire to convince Hamas this time it’s different. No Cease Fire unless it is unconditional and the end of their weapon’s cache. An independent force should be able to enter Gaza for the purpose of confiscating, dismantling and destroying all weapons and weapons infrastructure and manufacturing facilities. That’s an acceptable Peace, total knowledge that the Gaza population is protected, once and for all. ” Guns into plow shares”. Healing, prosperity a new civilization to replace the cult of death.

  • First stage toward Peace, cease fire.
  • Second stage, an independent ” force” to search and destroy all weapons of destruction.
  • Third phase:  Rebuilding both Societies.  Decrease in tensions.  Humanitarian efforts to treat Trauma.     Education of all people for self improvement and understanding of “the other”.

If you wish to show your support for Israel I would urge you to contact the following organizations and ” stand with Israel” to “stop the sirens”.

1. Christians United for Israel : they are holding a conference on Israel in Washington , DC on July 21 & 22nd. Israel ‘s Ambassador Ron Dermer will be attending and speaking.
2. If you wish to understand why Israeli’s feel overwhelmed by the rockets fired upon them, install their “Free App/ Red Alert ” and  feel what the Israeli’s feel when they are targeted.
3. Lead a Mission to Israel showing your support. I went to Israel in January 2013, after 10,000 rockets had been fired on Israelis from Gaza. It was a safe intense wonderful experience with 15 others from the Stephan Wise Free Synagogue, Including our Rabbi , Ammiel Hirsch.
4. Contact Technion, American Friends of Technion, their scientists developed the Iron Dome defense system.   They will be partnering with Cornell University in NYC.   Ground breaking on Roosevelt Island has  already begun for the new Campus.
5. ARZA , an organization supporting Reform Judaism in America and Israel has a “Stop the Sirens” campaign and distributes care packages to those in need.
6. Contact Women for Reform Judaism Hebrew Reading Program. I found this heartfelt blog by Resa a woman in Jerusalem writing about her experiences in Jerusalem during the bombing. – siege- Jerusalem /


To my friends and friends and relatives of those I know in Israel, let me remind you, you are not alone.  We care!

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