PUBLIC ADVOCACY: it’s never too late for Peace and reconciliation

Kibbutz life early 1900"s
Kibbutz life early 1900″s

Why the Two State solution doesn’t  work, now? When the two state Solution is feasible, it will be irrelevant. And other musings on our Human condition. Follow my logic, dear reader, and see what conclusions you would come to?

As of 2005, under the leadership of Ariel Sharon, Israel,  removed troops and settlers from Gaza. Their only crime against Gaza was one of omission. They failed to listen to their own advisors and stop the tunnel building in Gaza? But any decision at that time was fraught with dire consequences, the possibility of a brutal war then vs a hoped for Peace within and with Gaza . However, as wishful thinking clouded reality, Gaza was lost to humanity as long as people who preach hatred and destruction were allowed to flourish in civilian populations they oppress. Now that Israel finds itself in another War with the Political forces who have conquered Gaza, they face a human dilemma not of their choosing.  War has taken an ugly toll on the Gazan population.  Israeli’s feel  guilty about ” loss of life ” in Gaza, but those people’s lives were forfeit long before Israel ceded Gaza to the local Politicians who hated Israel and Jews more then they loved their Women, their Mothers and their children. All this is hindsight ; what could have been, should have been? There is no point in going back in time, though I will present some  historical background, to clarify Israel’s predicament.

When the Jews started to renter the British colony of Palestine prior to the Balfour resolution they purchased the land from anyone who would sell to them. By 1936 , as War was breaking out in Europe, the Arab population, all several hundred thousand of them, started to massacre those Jews tilling the lands. All of a sudden it dawned on the Arab Politicians, more Jews might come back to their homeland and tilt the balance of Power in this small barren  land.

So in the 30’s , in the last Century, hatred of Jews began and continues . Why? As Jews, we merely want to survive. Our crime against humanity, is that we survive and because we survive under harsh conditions, we thrive as well. And now, in the 21 st Century, our real crime is that we won’t lay down our arms until we force the world to deal with us and leave us with an enduring Peace in this region.   We want something no one else cares about , we want Peace and prosperity for our People  and those living in close proximity to us and we want it now.   Though it causes us great pain and internal soul searching to kill other human beings , it must be done until those perpetrating and contemplating  atrocities against Israel and Jews ceases.


This recent conflict has united the Jewish population world wide.    I am proud to be a Jew. When we say sustainable Peace, we mean Peace and tolerance for the other and real Peace: at the individual and the State level. No more destruction, no more hatreds, we want to  work toward a better tomorrow together; that is the Israeli dream. That is the Technion dream. That is my dream. That we destroy the external threat to Israel and Israelis;  which is composed of diverse ethnic groups, while we move forward with a dialog of understanding each other!  . It is never too late to build bridges to Peace. Glasnost happened when Gorbachev wanted Peace with the West as much as the West wanted Peace. When Ronald Reagan, told Gorbachev to ” tear down that wall, Mr Gorbachev , he did”. Much to everyone’s amazement .

When you develop a tolerance of each other, you don’t need walls or barriers, because you have Peace in your body,  your heart and your mind. That’s why I say, with real Peace, there is no Gaza, there is no West Bank, there are people working together for the common good. Just like here , at home , we have the United States, that’s my vision for Israel. That’s when 2 states can happen and then they may be irrelevant.


Therefore, the hard work of Nation building, feeding and supporting your people, should be taking precedence over War.  When Nation’s can sit down and calmly discuss the needs of their People, when they stop the cycle of violence and embrace the theory of Peaceful coexistence, all people will “Thrive”    On a Macro level, wouldn’t it be great to take a deep breath, stop thinking about the old constructs and start thinking about yourself, your needs and the needs of your family.  Gaza was once, centuries ago, a thriving ” metropolis, wouldn’t it be better to choose life and commerce and start becoming a recognized City  and Citizen of the world?  The choice is yours, if you demand the dignity of your life over the principles of  your dedicated warriors:  those terrorists who care only about how many people die and suffer for good PR on the BBC or other media outlets.  It’s too bad that most of these leaders of Gaza  are sheltered in foreign countries by foreign Powers, while they have left their people  in place to be martyred .   Gazan’s ” Stand up ” to the “terrorists” and say no to oppression.  It takes guts  to recognize the limits of your society.  Without taking the time to Thrive yourselves, your lives and the lives of your children are lost.  Thank you Arianna Huffington, for codifying the concept of “thrive”. When you start respecting yourself and treating each other with respect and brotherhood ,  you won’t need War as an excuse to stifle the people’s right to life.   When that happens, a one state or two state debate will be irrelevant.

My 2 cents. Thanks for listening, dear reader. Wishing everyone the best.

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