PUBLIC ADVOCACY: My personal thoughts about, Israel, being Jewish and Peace

Me encircled by John Kiley Glass sculpture

Something has transformed me, I who value Peace and culture and civilization want the total and absolute destruction of all weapons aimed at and those threatening Israel. As a bastion of Jewish Hope and the hope of all civilization on this Planet, I want Israel to survive and survive well. Through years of proving the Malthusian Theory correct, to the detriment of many of our People. I stand proud to be part of the last vestiges of the Jewish People. For millennia we have left our Jewish blood on the chopping blocks of others. Natural selection has whittled us down in numbers but not down in size, or stature. We can stand proud when we stand with Israel.. Though it breaks my heart to see anyone die, this War is just. After 65,  yrs it’s time to change the dance with the Arabs and the rest of the World.

Israel has produced many Nobel prize winners. The number of Jews winning the Nobel prize is not proportionate to our strength in numbers. We use our brains and our might derives from using our brains and thinking outside the box. Why is this War just? It will not only save Jewish lives, but if the World starts to care about People , more then it values grievances and hatreds and self delusions, maybe they, the other countries , will stand up for Israel and demand Peace in the region.

Why do we have to be dragged down with the Barbarians? With so many of our People dying and being slaughtered why not choose Peace over a fight to the death. Rather then lose any soldiers, boys, husbands, fathers , Israel would much rather spare Gaza and let the outside community of Nations clean up the mess that will be Gaza. In my opinion, The tunnels have to be closed and swept of weapons once and for all. 100,000 people have fled Gaza , seeking refuge in other Nation’s including Israel, in spite of their Leadership’s direction “to stay in place”. Thank God these brave souls are seeking safety , asylum, and life over the possibility of becoming another human shield. Too bad, the innocent People suffer when Warlords control their life rather then providing sustenance to them? I wish to amend this statement, 50% of the Gaza population may have participated in the tunnel building and benefited by their efforts, while the other half of Gaza suffered by remaining silent and not having a voice or a choice.

We have a voice and a choice when Politics effects US. Choose butter over guns, not for me but for all of US. WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. Your choice. and God Bless you. No matter who you are and where you come from. Say no to guns and yes , preferably, to Brooklyn Butter.

2 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: My personal thoughts about, Israel, being Jewish and Peace

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    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I am only too happy to oblige. Israel and the continuation of the Jewish people is one of my Passions, along with peaceful coexistence with Israel’s neighbors.
      If you can think it, if you can will it, whatever you consider can be achieved!
      All the best. Joyce

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