PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What sources do I use for my comments on the Israel Gaza Conflict.

Many of my viewers ask me the same question: they wish to know who are my sources?

I’d like to suggest the following papers and on line sites for you , dear reader. I don’t read controversial posts , since I prefer to deal in the facts. Like Columbo, I want just the facts. Besides I tend to talk back to the TV news programs and The New York Times when I see or read excessive bias.

So for an analysis of the Israeli Gaza conflict please look at the following online news sites for clear and honest reporting and opinions.

1. Honest Reporting. They only correct errors in the press. All items mis represented or mis spoken by other media enterprises.
2. The Times of Israel
3. Haaretz traditionally Israel’s left wing newspaper which has moved to the center.

I have been privileged to sit in on conversations with the Israeli military and I share their thoughts with you.

If you, dear reader, find other objective sites, please share their content with our growing Community.

All the best. Joyce

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