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What’s wrong with us? Today’s thoughts on the news ……

Atlantic City can no longer support gambling in this Economy. Do you rethink their useful ness, no, you build more gambling Casinos? Creating jobs which lead nowhere and more casinos to milk the remaining pennies from the poor and Middle Class. Really, why can’t we build infrastructure, fix the electrical grid, provide faster internet service to everyone, increase affordable housing, protect and rebuild our marshland? So many projects to pursue with lasting positive effects on our economy, instead what do we choose, gambling ? We’re living in “Ozymandian times” , building cities left decaying in the sand , a testament to man’s folly.

Our entire civilization is a testament to man’s folly. All these wars and disgruntled people, why?   The People are being starved by the local war lords and then the People blame their starvation on others. If you read today’s FT you’ll see these statistics for Gaza:   63% unemployment in Gaza prior to their latest war with Israel. Yet, trade with Israel was at 85% and the rise in building materials rose exponentially within the Gaza strip , prior to the Hamas “take over”.   The people needed 75,000 houses before this new crisis, now they need more.   What did Hamas bring them, except “devastation”?  The people don’t blame the stupidity of their leaders, instead they blame Israel. Makes no sense to me?

LOL: We’re all believing Herman Goring as he quoted economics, comparing guns to a butter economy. He preferred Guns, though you’d never know it by his girth. He wanted “guns to protect the German people, rather then butter , which only made you fat”, He would state! Made sense to Germany, guns over butter. But they got it wrong, did they really feel safer after exterminating 12 million people? Does the ability to “kill”, make anyone really feel safe?

Is it a ” male” thing? Don’t think? React. Do what you know. Never get out of your comfort zone and when you feel threatened, kill!

Rules to live by? Why stop now? Pretty soon, you will bomb everyone back Into the Stone Age.

My 2 Cents. We have a voice and a choice when Politics Effects Us!

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