PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Further thoughts and news on The Israel Gaza Conflict

I previously wrote an unpublished Post, stating ,”where are the Hamas fighters?” We’ve heard 1900 civilians were killed in Gaza, and I am truly saddened by the death of women and children? That’s a fact.   But, Where are the Hamas fighters? How many of their rank were killed while shooting or manufacturing rockets? How many were killed by ” friendly fire?” It isn’t conceivable that there are no Hamas casualties among the wounded and killed?  Hamas is hardly a fiction, or a phantom, they exist in the pocketbooks of Turkey and Qatar and now Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates are willing to pay them to honor cease fires .

Previously, Every officer of Hamas, seen on the BBC or PBS appeared in a foreign city; Doha, Beirut and Cairo? Nice to command your army from safety. Every other leader we’ve seen or heard about leads their officers and followers from the field of battle. I guess , not Hamas leaders, they were mostly safe from harm ?    What about their “People”?   Did the People who were dying on their behalf  have a say about their country’s path to war and if not, why not?  The answer has become clear as we look at the latest rounds of assassination and executions in Gaza.

The people of Gaza have lost their lives.   They are pawns of the military machine created by Hamas. Many are terrified by Hamas fighters, that’s why there are no uprisings. Children working in the tunnels were thought to be assassinated. Collaborators are publicly executed. Fear pervades Gaza as long as Hamas rules.

NY Times article 8/23/14 Executions in Gaza a warning…


This week, Israel found and assassinated 3 Hamas leaders, located in Gaza.   Additionally, Israel is seeking the extradition from Turkey of the Hamas terrorist responsible for the murder of the three teenagers in June?   FYI. That’s when Hamas cheered their death and escalated the level of violence with Israel. BIBI repeatedly stated, Israel would meet, “calm for calm”, but the Hamas quest for power eliminated all calm and cease fires.

Now Hamas has executed 18 Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel. These numbers are small compared to the 1000’s previously executed. ( NY TIMES 8/23/14 Executions in Gaza are a warning to Spies.). I can’t believe Hamas doesn’t realize that they have most likely implicated their own leaders by their brazen bragging and total disregard for ” law, order, and human life”.

There is so much  to report, I feel it’s not necessary to add to the noise. Only one thing is sure in my mind: there must be human beings on both sides, whether Arab or Israeli, who desire Peace.  An acceptable end to this conflict, is demilitarization of Gaza. Only a verifiable force, a “neutral” armed presence,  acceptable to Israel , can insure a destruction of the weapons arsenal and the eventual rebuilding of a Peaceful civilian society.

I recently read, that the UN is tired of rebuilding Gaza. That’s a great first step. Then I would propose that the UN Stop denying they are part of the problem and say no to the teaching of violence and hatred in their schools and stop allowing armaments to pass thru the blockade. After all my reading, I  would be hard pressed not to indict the UNHRA for knowingly supporting hatred of Israel and  knowingly supporting the creation of a militarized society that enslaves and terrifies many fellow Arabs. There is always time to recant, to admit mistakes and become part of the solution .

U Tube Cartoon/The cycle of Gaza!




Wake up World and Think!   As we prune our populations thru War and pestilence and famine, we may be accelerating the Planet’s demise, too!    This is one of many tragedies, a disaster on all levels, wouldn’t it be desirable, to move from violence towards a path to Peace?   We have a voice and a choice when Politics effects US.

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